Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's Teaser

Tuesday’s Teaser
Well folks, Welcome to another episode of Tuesday's Teasers. Today we have the elusive and intriguing Bella Juarez. Last Saturday, I tried to sit down with Bella and talk with her, but alas...she was unavailable. But thanks to the heroic men of the Black Ops Brotherhood, they took the time to talk to me about this amazing writer. Though the interview didn't go technically as planned, I am proud to say that today...BELLA IS HERE!

Hostile Home Front
BlackOps Brotherhood 2
By Bella Juarez

Hello and it’s nice to meet you.  I’m Bella Juarez, author of the BlackOps Brotherhood Series.  First, let me apologize to all you good people for Saturday’s post on Rebecca’s Blog.  I ran into a bit of a snafu last week and couldn’t make it. Let me assure you gentle readers nothing is stopping this post today.  Here I am to announce my new release Hostile Home Front, book two of the BlackOps Brotherhood Series.  This new installment of my series is due for release tomorrow on BookStrand. 
In book one, Rapid Dominance, you met Special Agent Gavin Walsh.  In book two Gavin is front and center with his lovely heroine, the shy and curvaceous librarian, Dr. Amy Livingston.   Gavin finds himself tangled in a world of international intrigue that lands smack dab in the middle of small town Texas.  Not only is he faced with terrorist and gang bangers teaming up, he’s fighting a secret war within himself – the battle of PTSD.  Amy’s calm façade hides a damaged past as well.  As Gavin and Amy find a special connection and start to heal each other, Gavin finds himself in a desperate situation when the terrorist he’s trying to bring down decide to use Amy for bait.  Failure is not an option for this former Navy SEAL as Gavin searches for a way to save the woman he’s fallen in love with.   

There are lots of twists and turns throughout the book as Gavin and Amy fight their way through impossible odds to find a happily ever after.  It’s my sincerest wish that you give the BlackOps Brotherhood a try. 

As insiders to Rebecca’s blog, here’s secret.  Book three, Dominant Deception is due out January 2013.  Here’s a sneak peek: 

SEAL Captain Jack “Rock” O’Malley plays a deadly computer game with a hidden enemy and finds an unlikely savior in a quiet system administrator Anna Santiago.  When Anna becomes a target Jack must find a way to keep her safe before the deadly hackers decide its GAME OVER.

Thanks again Rebecca for having me as a guest.  And thank you, readers for visiting the blog.
 Well folks, there you have...the latest updates from The Black Ops Brotherhood!
Till next time, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce



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