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Thursdays Title Author

Thursdays Title Author

 Susan Hayes

Welcome once again to Thursday’s Title Author with the AMAZING SUSAN HAYES!

 Hi Rebecca and thanks so much for having me over to visit!

 So, we made it through yet another apocalypse, survived the holidays, and crossed over into a new year. I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, and if you didn’t, I hope it was because you were really, really naughty this year.

This past year I finally went from being an aspiring novelist to a published author. I’ve learned so much and had a tonne of fun along the way, not to mention meeting some of the neatest, nuttiest, and most talented writers out there. (and some truly amazing fans too!)

Santa brought me an early Christmas present this year, a December 18th release date for the first book in my Paladin Protection Agency series, Saved by Sin.  I had a lot of fun with this one, and I managed to give myself the screaming heebie-jeebies once or twice while writing some of the creepier haunting scenes.

 Saved By Sin



 Security consultant Sinjin Heath is on leave while recovering from a mission that went tragically wrong. The physical scars may have healed, but he still doubts his ability to protect anyone, ever again. 

Michelle Jamieson is starting over. She’s finally escaped from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Robert. The only problem is that her ex isn’t ready to let her go. When he realizes she’s truly out of his reach, his obsession drives Robert to kill himself so he can return as a malevolent ghost.

Haunted and terrified, Michelle goes on the run and winds up at her family’s cabin. Things seem to be improving when she meets her sexy neighbor, Sinjin. The sparks between them fly fast and hot, but before they can begin to face their growing feelings for each other, Robert’s ghost comes for Michelle. Ready or not, Sinjin finds himself back in the protection business, and if he fails this time, he’ll lose the woman he loves.

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January is going to be busy for me, because Siren is releasing not one but two more books in the Paladin Protection Agency series this month!  On Jason’s Watch is available for pre-order at Siren, and Guarding Valentina is currently scheduled for release on January 31st.

 On Jason’s Watch

On Jason’s watch moves the story from homicidal ghosts to reluctant werewolves. When I was researching this book I learned something new: in folklore werewolves are not supposed to have tails! Who knew?


Jazz Masters wants to be normal. It’s just that normal isn’t easy to achieve when you’re a werewolf. Living in fear of the monster that lurks inside her, Jazz has created a safe, isolated world for herself where she can maintain control of her darker half. That carefully constructed world comes crashing down the night she crosses paths with a pack of vicious werewolves. With the pack on her scent and her life threatened, Jazz turns to the Paladin Protection Agency for help.

It only takes one look at Jazz for Jason Waters to know he wants her, and not even the revelation she’s a werewolf can make him change his mind. Now that she’s found Jason, Jazz finally has everything she’s dreamed of. She just needs to survive long enough to enjoy it. With her world threatened and her very soul at stake, Jazz must find the courage to come to terms with her wolf before she loses everything.

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 Guarding Valentina

Guarding Valentina brings the members of Paladin up against vicious vampire bent on revenge. I wrote this one with either Walking Dead or Supernatural re-runs playing in the background, and I hope you will all enjoy reading it  as much as I did creating the story.


Sometimes everything has to go wrong so fate can make it right.

 Valentina Farro is used to being the hunter, not the hunted, but when a vampire marks her for death, everything changes. Now one of Paladin’s fiercest warriors is fighting for her life and the lives of her Paladin family.

It should have just been another assignment, but nothing goes according to plan when the vampire Aedan Doyle is hunting leads Aedan to Valentina & Paladin’s doorstep. Determined to keep Val safe from the vampire’s vengeance, Aedan appoints himself as Val’s personal bodyguard. Then he makes sure he’s guarding her beautiful body up close and personal, every chance he gets.

 As the body count rises, Valentina and Aedan’s new bond is tested to the breaking point. Trusting each other with their lives is one thing, but can two solitary warriors find the courage to trust each other with their hearts?

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Well Folks, There ya have it! All the goodies from Ms. Susan Hayes hereself!
Till next time, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce