Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to Wednesdays Ramblings...

Have you ever wondered why erotic books are so taboo, but yet, it's a multi-million dollar industry?

                               Well how about this answer...SEX SELLS!

In a world where sex is in everything from television commercials, billboard ads,'s even in the way we dress, talk and communicate. It's no wonder SEX SELLS!
As an author of erotic romance books...I am under the firm belief, the more sex the better! If it ain't hot and steamy, and I feel like curling my toes...I wrote it wrong! So back to the drawing board I would go.
In toady's society however, there are many out there who are closet readers of SEX! My question to you is WHY? Why hide what your reading, happy and proud about it! It's a the world that your literate and that you can read...don't be ashamed of what your reading.
Look people this is not the 1950's anymore...we don't say 'Yes Dear' and all that other crap...If you want to read SEX then friggin read SEX! Trust me...nobody is going to give a shit! And if they do...they're just mad cause they ain't gettin any!
So Ladies and Gentlemen...step out of the damn closet, and read what you want openly! Spice up those relationships with some inspiration and to your partner about that steamy hot love scene you just read about...because darlin...when it's all said and done, the best antidote to no LOTS OF SEX!

Rebecca Joyce

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Teaser...

Good Morning Everyone!

With the up coming release of Emma's Treasures, I thought I would post a little teaser from the book.
                           Release Date is: November 15th!                          

                           So here is a small teaser from                           
                                    "EMMA'S TREASURES- The Men of Treasure Cove"

     “Emma, baby, wake up,” he said, worriedly patting her face. He couldn’t believe his good fortune. What had started off as dreary day had turned into the best fucking day of his life. He still could not hold the glee in his heart that he’d felt as he had pulled up to the broken down car to find none other than little Miss Emma McKenzie standing there. The moment he recognized her, his heart did a bazillion flips.

Oh, he was happy to have found her, but he also knew that little Miss Emma had some serious explaining to do, and for starters, why had she fainted when she laid eyes on him?

“Mommy, please wake up, please!” the cute little girl cried, bringing him back to reality.

“It’s all right, little bit. Your mommy just had a shock, that’s all. She’ll wake up soon, I promise,” he reassured the little girl.

“Are you sure?” Tabitha asked, cocking her head to the side as if not believing the man. He just laughed at the little girl’s gumption. “Yeah, I am sure. She just fainted, that’s all.”

“You’re s’posed to throwed water on someone when they faint. That’s what Mary Beth Wilkerson said her daddy did when her mommy fainted,” Tabitha informed him.

The man just laughed out loud, a boisterous laugh that was full of life. “I’m sure Mrs. Wilkerson wasn’t too happy when she woke soaking wet.”

He watched as the adorable little creature thought on that and responded, “No, she wasn’t. Mary Beth said her momma said some pretty bad words then slapped her daddy. Maybe we shouldn’t throwed water on Mommy.”

 Holding back his laughter, he smiled. “I think that’s a good idea. My name is Tucker Quinn. What’s your name?”

“We have the same name! Nobody has my name. I’m the only girl in school with a girl name and a boy’s name,” she said excitedly.

“Really? And just what is your name, little bit?”

“My name is Tabitha Quinn McKenzie,” she said in one breath. Tucker looked at the little girl, words evading him. All he could do was stare at the creature before him.
“Are you all right, Mr. Quinn? You look sick. You gonna throwed up, too?” Tabitha asked

For the rest of this story, purchase Emma's Treasures...The Men of Treasure Cove on November 15th, 2012 by going to

Happy Reading...

Rebecca Joyce


Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Power = CHAOS for a Writer!

Good Evening/'s 12:30am here and I wondering how long I will be without power?

     You see, I live on the east coast, and apparently my area is about to get hit with Hurricane Sandy. I mean's five days to Halloween and there's a Hurricane coming! COME ON!
     With so much going on, I have been tirelessly working to finish the second installment of The Men of Treasure Cove Series...and so far it's coming along good...but to be derailed by wind, rain and flood waters? Not in my book!
     So like most people, I have stocked up, charged every electronic possible, and made sure I have enough reading material on my Kindle, just in case the power is out. Oh well...guess mother nature is going to do what she wants...and like any woman, she usually does.

Anyway, thought while I was up twiddling my thumbs, I would let you know that The Cattle Drive is doing wonderfully. I have even begun to get some really good reviews. YEAH! I have listed some of my upcoming releases below.

November 15th, 2012- Emma's Treasures- The Men of Treasure Cove (Menage Series)
December 20th, 2012- The Texas Rebel- The Armstrong Brothers of Cedar Creek.

So...for those of us living on the east coast and in the highlighted red section (according to the Weather Channel)...Stay dry and PRAY the Power stays on!

Rebecca Joyce

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Best Day Ever...

After many months of hard work and finalizing the last of the preparations, my first book has finally been released!

                                       I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!

What an amazing feeling. My self-confidence is threw the roof as I embark on this journey. With so much going on over the next few months, new books coming out and the holidays, I did manage to find the time to celebrate my accomplishment...I treated myself to a Mocha Frap from Starbucks and got back to work on my current manuscript.

I think the best feeling ever was waking up this morning, and seeing that someone had purchased a copy of my book. Someone...I don't even know, took a chance and chose me...out of all those other amazing author's, they decided to by my book.

So, to that first person who took a chance on a newbie...thank you! You made my day a wonderful one.

Happy Reading,

Rebecca Joyce

                                AVALIABLE NOW @

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning News...

Happy Monday Everyone...

Its going to be a BIG WEEK for The Cattle Drive...

Wednesday, October 24th is the OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE for "THE CATTLE DRIVE- The Armstrong Brothers of Cedar Creek" (Click on the title for a direct link to Bookstrand)
       The first installment of seven books, all about the joys, laughs, pains and wild antics in the Armstrong Clan. In this book we meet Michael, the second oldest and an engineer from Illinois, who packs up and moves south to Texas, to stop his father from acquiring another ranch. Here he meets Rachael Mason, a wild woman hell bent on wreaking havoc everywhere she goes. These two must find a way to work together, to save the ranch and not lose their hearts in the process.

I have already submitted the second installment of The Armstrong Clan, (The Texas Rebel) and should be getting the edits for it in the coming weeks...release date for this one is set for sometime in December...I'll keep you posted!

***Don't forget that NOVEMBER 15th is the Release Date for "Emma's Treasures- The Men of Treasure Cove Series."

I have already started and will be finishing up with the second installment of The Men of Treasure Cove. An erotic BDSM series of hot cowboys, and the women that capture their hearts.

Well folks, that all for now...

Rebecca Joyce

Friday, October 19, 2012

Coffee...Not a want, a Requirement!

Well...I made it to Friday. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad as of yet, because my lovely 'Spawns' will be home in 7 hours and counting! Don't get me wrong, I love the weekends and I love my kids, but when the first cup of coffee doesn't perk you up and get you moving in the way you had planned, you start to think..."Humm...maybe just another hour of sleep."

You see, I am the mother of teenagers, well two teenage boys and an 11yr old daughter who thinks she is 30! So, our day begins at 0530 Monday thru Friday. All of us look forward to the weekends, were we catch up on alot of sleep, hang out with friends, or just lounge around the house watching whatever sport we can find on ESPN.  (Yeah we're BIG into football here.)

Anyway, I realized earlier this week that my oldest, whom is 17 has started drinking coffee. I wasn't so sure about it at first, then I remembered that I was about his age when I picked up my first cup of Java. Considering that school is nothing like it was when I went, I figured...Hell, if you can't beat'em..join'em! So, with my blessing, he is now a morning coffee drinker.

In this house there is a morning ritual that all members religiously adhere too..."Do not talk to Mom until she has had her first cup of coffee." I have trained my husband and even the spawns that unless there is a 'REAL' physical impairment...I DON'T CARE! COFFEE FIRST! What I mean by that is I don't care about you book bags, your cloths, what homework you didn't finish. I don't care that you woke late, your moody or you have a headache...unless there is a bone protruding from your body and blood is gushing out like a garden hose...It can wait till I have my coffee.

So, as I sit here, drinking my second cup of the morning, I am smiling. For it is Friday, the spawns have managed to catch their buses, the husband is off to morning PT, and I am gloriously alone where it is quiet. No drama...just me and my coffee.

Here's to a happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend folks and PLENTY OF COFFEE!

Rebecca Joyce

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's Title!


Michael Armstrong, the second of six brothers from Montana, is hell-bent on stopping his father from acquiring another ranch. Leaving his comfy job in Illinois, he moves to Texas to help a woman he knows nothing about.
Rachael Mason is the sole owner of the R & R Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas. Living her life in the moment, Rachael is reckless and dangerous. When the land next to hers is sold, she soon finds her new neighbor might just be the next distraction she is looking for.
When unforeseen circumstances begin to threaten her livelihood, Rachael is forced to make a decision which could affect her whole way of life.
With breathtaking scenery, an old-fashioned cattle drive, and the arrival of the rest of the Armstrong brothers, Michael and Rachael embark on a whirlwind of lies, deception, discovery, and love.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For the Love of Books...

As an avid reader I always loved books. Just the thought of buying a brand new crisp book, holding it in my hands as I open the pages, the smell of something new and exciting, always captured my attention.  I can remember my very first time I picked up my first Romance Book and let my imagination take me away to a place where love, sex & hot men captured my heart and made me crave more.

So it was no surprise when I started writing myself. Yes, I write Erotic Romance Books and I love every minute of it!!! Creating handsome, virile men, who are strong and sexy, determined to have everything and the desire for more than a five minute romp in the bedroom, titillates my senses and set my creative juices flowing.

I started writing my first book about five years ago, when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. For any wife of a soldier, sailor, airman or know how long those deployments can be. There is only so much cleaning, laundry and letter writing you can do, before you start going stir-crazy. Well, I last two months! After that, insomnia set in...and we all know about that. It was during one of my late nights that I just turned on the computer, opened Microsoft word and started typing away. Before I knew it...I was about 60 pages into something that I never imagined I was capable of...I wrote about sex! Lots of SEX! All those desires, urges, needs, lustful thoughts just poured out of me. I quickly realized that my writing knew no bounds. I found myself writing about every facet of sex, from bondage to kinky roll play. Yeah...I have a really dirty mind...:-)

Fast forwarding to 3 months ago, It was the push from my husband that made my submit my first manuscript. Man, I was so nervous and practically drove him nuts till I received my acceptance letter. I still don't know what stopped me from submitting sooner, maybe life in general, but after all that has happened, I will always attribute my being an Author to my husband. He had always told from the moment we started dating...
   "Your love of books inspires me to be the man of your dreams."

Thanks for stopping by.... Rebecca Joyce