News from the Men of Treasure Cove

COMING SOON... December 23, 2013!

It’s Christmas time in Treasure Cove! As the town gears up for the upcoming holidays, two sisters learn how gloomy the holidays can really get. Janie Hicks has waited for her good news ever since she married Jeff and Caleb Hicks. Now that she's happily, she is learning that having it all isn’t all that its cracked up to be.
Charlotte Connelly, is more than any one person can handle. Thank goodness, she has two husbands who are eager to help. If only she would let them. Determined to have everything her way, she learns that just maybe, something’s are better left undone.
When the town of Treasure Cove rally to help two of their own, they all soon realize that this Christmas, is going to be one for the history books. Because when the residents get together to celebrate the holidays’, anything that can happen, generally does.





  1. Love,love,love this series. It seems like I am wishing all my time away waiting on books to come out but I love it.

  2. Looking forward to Christmas in Treasure Cove!!