The Armstrong Brothers of Cedar Creek

Book One: The Cattle Drive- Michael

Michael Armstrong, the second of six brothers from Montana, is hell-bent on stopping his father from acquiring another ranch. Leaving his comfy job in Illinois, he moves to Texas to help a woman he knows nothing about.
Rachael Mason is the sole owner of the R & R Ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas. Living her life in the moment, Rachael is reckless and dangerous. When the land next to hers is sold, she soon finds her new neighbor might just be the next distraction she is looking for.
When unforeseen circumstances begin to threaten her livelihood, Rachael is forced to make a decision which could affect her whole way of life.
With breathtaking scenery, an old-fashioned cattle drive, and the arrival of the rest of the Armstrong brothers, Michael and Rachael embark on a whirlwind of lies, deception, discovery, and love.
Book Two: The Texas Rebel- Mark

Mark Garrett Armstrong, the Armstrong family’s playboy on the football field, loves the media. With too much partying, women, and booze, he strikes the wrong pose at every opportunity regardless of the circumstances. With his career on the line, Mark sets on a path of self-destruction, forgetting those he leaves in his wake.
Sarah Renee Mitchell, Grammy Award–winning recording artist, has lived her whole life in the spotlight. When the media and her personal life collide, her happiness is shattered. She flees, vowing never again to draw the media’s attention. Out of the paparazzi’s reach, Sarah finds peace once again, until an unexpected cowboy shows up, bringing chaos with him.
When two separate worlds intertwine, unforeseen circumstances thrust them both into the limelight neither wants. Will either of them allow their own insecurities and fears to stop them from acquiring what they want the most, or will they give in to their hearts' desires?

Book Three: The Soldiers Promise- Mason

Mason Armstrong wants to be left alone. When the military gives him his walking papers, he heads home to forget. Too bad, he has to deal with family and the nagging town sheriff in the process. It’s a small price to pay for freedom and he deals with it the only way he knows how… he avoids them.
Annabelle Marcus is a single mother making a fresh start for herself and her young son. When a teaching position opens up in Texas, she jumps at the chance and accepts the job. Controlled and organized, she attempts to integrate herself into the community, only to find out that maybe she’s bitten off more than she can chew.
Lost and alone, and set in their ways, two lives intersect only to discover that just maybe they have something more to give. When duty calls, can the promise of a future be enough to sustain or will the ultimate diversion end it all.  
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JANUARY 24th, 2014

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