Friday, October 19, 2012

Coffee...Not a want, a Requirement!

Well...I made it to Friday. Don't know if that's a good thing or bad as of yet, because my lovely 'Spawns' will be home in 7 hours and counting! Don't get me wrong, I love the weekends and I love my kids, but when the first cup of coffee doesn't perk you up and get you moving in the way you had planned, you start to think..."Humm...maybe just another hour of sleep."

You see, I am the mother of teenagers, well two teenage boys and an 11yr old daughter who thinks she is 30! So, our day begins at 0530 Monday thru Friday. All of us look forward to the weekends, were we catch up on alot of sleep, hang out with friends, or just lounge around the house watching whatever sport we can find on ESPN.  (Yeah we're BIG into football here.)

Anyway, I realized earlier this week that my oldest, whom is 17 has started drinking coffee. I wasn't so sure about it at first, then I remembered that I was about his age when I picked up my first cup of Java. Considering that school is nothing like it was when I went, I figured...Hell, if you can't beat'em..join'em! So, with my blessing, he is now a morning coffee drinker.

In this house there is a morning ritual that all members religiously adhere too..."Do not talk to Mom until she has had her first cup of coffee." I have trained my husband and even the spawns that unless there is a 'REAL' physical impairment...I DON'T CARE! COFFEE FIRST! What I mean by that is I don't care about you book bags, your cloths, what homework you didn't finish. I don't care that you woke late, your moody or you have a headache...unless there is a bone protruding from your body and blood is gushing out like a garden hose...It can wait till I have my coffee.

So, as I sit here, drinking my second cup of the morning, I am smiling. For it is Friday, the spawns have managed to catch their buses, the husband is off to morning PT, and I am gloriously alone where it is quiet. No drama...just me and my coffee.

Here's to a happy Friday, and a wonderful weekend folks and PLENTY OF COFFEE!

Rebecca Joyce

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