Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For the Love of Books...

As an avid reader I always loved books. Just the thought of buying a brand new crisp book, holding it in my hands as I open the pages, the smell of something new and exciting, always captured my attention.  I can remember my very first time I picked up my first Romance Book and let my imagination take me away to a place where love, sex & hot men captured my heart and made me crave more.

So it was no surprise when I started writing myself. Yes, I write Erotic Romance Books and I love every minute of it!!! Creating handsome, virile men, who are strong and sexy, determined to have everything and the desire for more than a five minute romp in the bedroom, titillates my senses and set my creative juices flowing.

I started writing my first book about five years ago, when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. For any wife of a soldier, sailor, airman or know how long those deployments can be. There is only so much cleaning, laundry and letter writing you can do, before you start going stir-crazy. Well, I last two months! After that, insomnia set in...and we all know about that. It was during one of my late nights that I just turned on the computer, opened Microsoft word and started typing away. Before I knew it...I was about 60 pages into something that I never imagined I was capable of...I wrote about sex! Lots of SEX! All those desires, urges, needs, lustful thoughts just poured out of me. I quickly realized that my writing knew no bounds. I found myself writing about every facet of sex, from bondage to kinky roll play. Yeah...I have a really dirty mind...:-)

Fast forwarding to 3 months ago, It was the push from my husband that made my submit my first manuscript. Man, I was so nervous and practically drove him nuts till I received my acceptance letter. I still don't know what stopped me from submitting sooner, maybe life in general, but after all that has happened, I will always attribute my being an Author to my husband. He had always told from the moment we started dating...
   "Your love of books inspires me to be the man of your dreams."

Thanks for stopping by.... Rebecca Joyce

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  1. Oh my gosh! That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard! I just found your blog today and I like to go back to the beginning so I can learn about the person writing the blog before I decide to really read it. Your husband is the sweetest man! Reading that got me a little weepy! Thanks for my "Make Cass Sappy Moment of the Day!"