Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning News

Monday Morning News.

November 26th, 2012

Welcome to the Monday Morning News. As we all recover from our gorging of turkey, pies and all those goodies, and prepare for the upcoming Christmas holiday, let’s take a few minutes to check out this week’s Erotic releases.

 Monday: Nov 26th, 2012

“ThePrivate Stable” by Stacey Espino
“AbsolutePerfection” by Allyson Young
“WhereThere is Hope” by Tianna Xander

Tuesday: Nov 27th, 2012

 “Danny’sDeilemma” by Lynn Hagen
“DangerousDesires” by Stormy Glenn
“Morethan a Lover” by Stephanie Morris

Wednesday: Nov 28th, 2012

 “Reconciliation” by Clair de Lune
“Allieswith Benefits” by Alex Carreras
“Demonsin Disguise” by Diane Thorne
“LovingSarah” by Julie Shelton

Thursday: Nov 29th, 2012

 “Reno” by Kaylee Feagans
“TheGuardian Pug” by Lacey Denair
“Homeat Last” by JQ Jones

Friday: Nov 30th, 2012
“AcceptingEva” by Becca Van

Saturday: Dec 1st, 2012

 “Bondof Need” by Anitra Lynn McLeod
“Seizethe Night” by Gabrielle Evans
“Petdu Cajun” by Jana Downs
Also in the news, The Texas Rebel- The Armstrong Brothers of Cedar Creek (Book 2) will be released December 20th, 2012. In this book you will read about the fun loving football player Mark Armstrong and the soulful recluse Sarah Mitchell. Together they will cross oceans to discover what their hearts really desire!
To see how the Armstrong Brothers began, click on over to Rebecca Joyce and grab your copy of
Well folks thats all for now. Stay tuned for next Monday's Morning News.
Till then, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce

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