Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday's Sneak Peak

Diane Leyne
Coming Soon…April 25th, 2013
Club Libertine 3... “No Accounting for Love”

Andie Cooper a buttoned down accountant sent to straighten out the books at Club Libertine.  Duncan Rider part owner of the club and a Dom who thinks she's his perfect match.  They have to work closely together to get the club back on track. 

She knows all about numbers but has no idea about what it takes to make a successful BDSM club, so she takes him up on his offer to pose as his sub for a night at the club, and find out first hand what makes it so successful. 

She's shocked by how much she's attracted to the lifestyle and to Duncan, her temporary Dom.  But given her track record with men, she decides that giving in to that attraction can only end badly, so she tries to keep her distance, until they are thrown together on a business trip and the passion explodes.  But can it last or will her insecurities derail them?

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