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The Men of Treasure Cove
To ensure the safety and livelihood of the Town of Treasure Cove its first residents, back in the early 1800's, the town created a charter to ensure that the land, water and mineral rights stayed within the original members of the town. It simply stated...
"Upon marriage, the land, water and mineral rights are to be transferred over to the first wife. When the first wife produced a child, male or female, the land, water and mineral rights were then transferred over to the first-born, therefore ensuring that the land, water and mineral rights stayed within the residents of Treasure Cove. If the first-born is a female, she shall marry a resident of the town of Treasure Cove, not affiliated with her lineage. If a male is born first, he and any brothers shall find a suitable wife within the town or one shall be assigned to them from a reputable source."
For generations, the charter was hushed behind closed doors, until Matthew and Andrew Jenkins were assigned wife, who up and married someone else. It wasn't until they chose Isabella Romanov, the daughter of a new family that recently moved to Treasure Cove, to marry that they were informed of the stipulations of the town charter. After Isabella married another man in haste, the brothers parted ways, until they found out that Isabella bore them a daughter, Emma. Upon returning to ensure his daughter’s birthright and safety, Matthew Jenkins requested a copy of the original charter (Book One). Since then, the town has been desperately trying to unravel the mystery behind the charter and find out whole controls the money.
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