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Dace Everen

Dace Everan

Please help me welcome a wonderful new author, Dace Everan…

     Dania is in the arms of the men of her dreams. She has her very own burly police officer and sexy lawyer! Can life get any better? Dania also has a dark past she would rather not remember. A past so terrifying, that she had taken to the streets to get the hell away from. 
    Tank and Link will do anything for their Dania. Love her, protect her and dominate her.
    Dania’s past comes to light. Link and Tank will do whatever it takes to make sure Dania is safe, even if it means leaving her in the hands of another man out of harm’s way. But before that, their mischievous little woman is in dire need of a good spanking for keeping secrets. Bad, bad girl will learn not to keep her men in the dark regarding her.
     All hell breaks loose! Link’s wounded, Tank’s on edgy cop mode and Dania is missing! Has Dania’s past come to haunt them? Tear them apart and separate them forever?
A little sneak peak from Diana's Destiny...
Dania managed to pull herself to the middle of the room, eyes wide and her top teeth biting her lower lip. She didn’t hear them enter but felt their presence. She felt Link’s warmth as he took the bag from her hand and crossed the room.
 Tank closed and locked the door. With the click of the lock she flinched.
Link handed her a bottle of water, his gaze darting to Tank. Tank offered a smile and an encouraging look. They both knew to be patient and let Dania take it all in.
Dania mumbled a thank you for the water and watched as Tank removed his shirt, displaying his muscled torso. Shit, men shouldn’t be allowed to get that big and muscled. He stretched and took a seat on the end of the bed. Her mind went slightly fuzzy for a millisecond. Fear pierced through her. They were actually going to do this! Would they stop if it hurt? Were they going to hurt her? No, not Tank and Link. They would never hurt her!
Link took the bottle of water from her shaking hands. “Come, Dania, sit on Tank. We need to talk,” he purred, his voice soft and sincere.
Dania nodded. Her feet moved on. Shit, her brain had gone numb after seeing Tank strip his shirt off. Tank hugged her close, curling his self around her and resting his chin on her shoulder.
 Link pulled up a stool and settled in front of them. Link took hold of her hands, thumbs caressing her palms. “Do you have any questions, Dania?” he started.
Dania nodded. “Lots,” she blurted.
Tank chuckled, kissing her cheek. “About the room or us?” he asked.
Dania peeked back at Tank then at Link. “You’re the dominant?” she asked.
 Link smiled, nodding.
She looked at Tank. “You let him hit you?”
Tank smiled. It was soft and made Dania feel at home. “I let him whip me… he lets me spank him… on occasion.”
Dania looked at Link. “You want to whip me?” she uttered in trepidation.
 Link offered her the same smile Tank had given her, his eyes softening. “No I want to flog you. The whip wouldn’t be for a long time and you cringed watching that demonstration. I wouldn’t do something you’re not comfortable with,” he enlightened her.
 Dania gripped his hands tightly. “I… I—you’re gonna tie me down?” She stumbled over her words and real fear entered her. It wasn’t scary watching those women being tied, but here seeing the cuffs and restraints throughout the room, it unnerved her. It sent a cold chill over her whole body.

More about Dace Everan

I am the proud mother of two wonderful children who are soon going to enter the tween years. AAHHH! Save me!

I started dabbling in writing at a young age. My first story was a twisted story about bunny rabbits and a little girl in a mystical forest, an evil mother who wanted nothing more than rabbit stew. (I was eight.) My older sister introduced me to romance novels at the tender age of eleven and I've loved them since.

I find being able to create a world of wonderful characters an amazing feat. I had always figured historical romance was where my heart laid, but after reading a few BDSM and erotica e-books. My mind was changed and I have never felt so comfortable in my life than in being able to create wonderful people and bring them together with a little spank and tickle.

I love Sci-fi and zombies! Horror flicks and nightmares are a normal for me. I once had a dream about rainbows and sunshine, unicorns, lovey-dovey stuff, and that scared the hell out of me. Happy dreams are not normal for me. I love music, anything from Never-ending White Lights to The White Stripes; and from Lana Del Ray to Waylon Jennings and classic Guns N' Roses. I am all over the place in the music.
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