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Violet Joicey-Cowen

Introducing Ms. Voilet Joicey-Cowen!


Hi everyone, it’s lovely to be here! My name is Violet Joicey-Cowen and I am here to give you a look at my books. My second book, Another Way to Hide, comes out today, August 20th.


Daniel and Jake, oh my boys… one misunderstanding over ten years ago has had these two tied up in knots ever since. They want each other so badly but are afraid to say so and ruin what they already have in their friendship.

Though this book can be read alone it is part of a series and will be better when read in order. Books one, two, and three (still to come) all take place more or less at the same time and share scenes from different points of view.

To take a look at what is to come in the series please have a look at my website through the link at the end.


What can wolf-shifter Jake Taylor do when the man he loves, his fated mate Daniel Brooks, is not only human but also straight?

Being forced to share a room with his unclaimed mate is painful enough for Jake, so how will he cope when Daniel starts returning from nights out in the local clubs with a woman’s scent all over him?

For Daniel, living with the man he has always longed for, life has been just as unhappy and he has had to come up with ways to protect his heart. Though the tactics he used to hide his true feelings allow him to keep his love for Jake hidden, they also tear him up inside and he does not know how much longer he can continue.

With everything else going on, can Jake and Daniel break through their long-held misunderstandings and really see each other’s hearts? Will they ever truly learn they belong together? Forever.

Adult excerpt

Daniel edged behind him into the doorway of the house, tugging at the back of his shirt. Jake looked back and caught his smirk. Daniel jerked his head further into the house and widened his eyes in a meaningful look. Jake instantly understood and grinned at him, turning and starting into the house.
“Where are you two going then?”
Daniel went bright red and Jake’s cock twitched to life. Yum. he looks so hot like that.
“You know exactly where we are going Ant.” Jake flipped the other man off. Then he rushed at Daniel, who yelped when he was picked up and flung over Jake’s shoulder. Jake ran all the way through the house and up the stairs with Daniel laughing from his position over Jake’s shoulder. He could feel the hard ridge of Daniel’s cock against his torso, through the soft fabric of his worn jeans. Jake was not even slightly winded after carrying his mate all the way, and he kicked the door shut and tossed Daniel onto the bed. Daniel grinned up at him as he bounced to a stop on the springy mattress.
“Get naked.” Daniel was more than happy to obey and wriggled out of his trousers, pushing his electric-green boxer briefs down along with the faded-blue denim. They caught at his ankles, and he giggled while he tried to pull his trainers off, which were too tightly laced. He undid them and tossed them aside before yanking his trousers off over his feet. They ended up mostly inside out on the floor. A moment later, Daniel’s T-shirt sailed across the room. Jake watched his mate’s body as it was revealed bit by bit with his mouth open, feeling all the blood in his body head toward his cock. He palmed it through his trousers, adjusting himself, then realised he had been too busy staring to take his own clothes off. He quickly stripped, uncaring of where his clothes landed, and crawled onto the bed.
Daniel rose and knee-walked across the bed, meeting him halfway. He grabbed the sides of Jake’s face and drew them together in a passionate kiss.
Everything stilled inside Jake. This was where he was meant to be, here with his mate, with this man. Daniel’s sweet scent surrounded him, drugging his senses.
Jake settled his hands on either side of Daniel’s rib cage, holding him close while they kissed. The desperation Jake had been feeling all day, to be inside his mate again, faded. Now that Daniel’s warm, solid, and naked body was pressed up against his and rubbing against him, Jake’s feelings mellowed, and he kissed him almost lazily.
“Jake, I want you so much.”
“Want you, too.” Jake trailed his fingers across the smooth skin of Daniel’s back. “Love your skin.” Jake reached his left hand up to cup the side of Daniel’s face and tilt his head aside. He nibbled and licked up the exposed skin and over the mating mark he had left when he had claimed Daniel. Daniel shivered and then moaned. The scent of his arousal flooded the air, making Jake pant with need.
“Want you inside me, Jay.” His hand reached between them and began tugging at his own cock, squirming slightly with the strength of his desire.
Jake pressed the first two fingers of his right hand against Daniel’s lips. Daniel took them into his mouth and sucked on them eagerly, coating them with his saliva. When they were nice and wet he reached behind his mate and circled the damp digits around his mate’s hole.
“Don’t tease,” Daniel whimpered. Jake thrust both fingers into his mate, earning a throaty cry. Jake drew back from his attentions to Daniel’s neck and looked at him. Daniel’s head was still canted to one side and back slightly. His mouth was open, and short panting breaths issued from him. His eyes were shut, and the expression on his face was pure ecstasy. Jake stabbed his fingers in and out of Daniel, who bucked against them and tried to take them deeper.
“Fuck, you’re sexy.”
Daniel opened his eyes, which were heavy with lust, and looked back at him. “Kiss me.”
Jake was happy to oblige, and their mouths met in a hot, wet kiss. While their tongues duelled, Jake started scissoring his fingers to loosen Daniel up for him. After a few minutes, he went to add a third finger but Daniel clamped a hand down on his arm.
“No, Jay, just fuck me. Please. I need to feel you. Want the burn.”
Fuck. Jake's did not think it was possible for his cock to get any harder, but at his mate’s words he realised he had been wrong as more blood filled it. He pulled his fingers from Daniel and leaned over to grab the lube from where it stood on the bedside table. Daniel drew away and lay down, watching him. He licked his palm and began slowly stroking his cock. The cap made a snick noise as Jake flicked it open, and he squirted some onto his fingers.
Jake lubed his cock and moved over Daniel, who lifted his legs and gripped them behind the knees with both hands, his heated gaze heavy on Jake's skin. Jake slicked Daniel’s entrance and dick with the remainder of the lube, lingering for a moment on the hard shaft. He grabbed a pillow and used it to raise Daniel’s hips then positioned himself on his knees and lined his prick up to enter Daniel’s body.
Daniel’s needy whimper turned to a gasp, his back arching up off the bed as Jake thrust forward to the hilt with one push. He froze, the heat and tightness of his mate’s body around his cock almost more than he could take. After a few moments, the urge to come faded and he was able to move.
                     The first book in the series is called Alpha Second.
When Charlie Michaelson stumbled onto the pack as a teenager, Alpha Perry Wyndham was overjoyed to realise the young wolf-shifter would one day be his mate. Then Charlie vanished just before his 18th birthday, the age at which he could have been claimed.
Now, three years later, Charlie has finally been found, but he is starved and broken and not expected to last the night.
As Charlie begins to recover, things come to light which will change the lives of the entire pack forever. As the full story unfolds, a deeper wedge is driven between him and his mate, leaving both men feeling rejected and alone. Charlie is devastated to feel Perry backing away, and Perry cannot hope Charlie will still want him after all the young shifter has suffered through.
Will they be able to find their way through the misunderstandings and the shadows of the past to finally claim each other?


Buylink for Another Way to Hide : http://www.bookstrand.com/another-way-to-hide

Buylink for Alpha Second: http://www.bookstrand.com/alpha-second


Thank you Rebecca for having me here as a guest on your blog!

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