Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Power = CHAOS for a Writer!

Good Evening/'s 12:30am here and I wondering how long I will be without power?

     You see, I live on the east coast, and apparently my area is about to get hit with Hurricane Sandy. I mean's five days to Halloween and there's a Hurricane coming! COME ON!
     With so much going on, I have been tirelessly working to finish the second installment of The Men of Treasure Cove Series...and so far it's coming along good...but to be derailed by wind, rain and flood waters? Not in my book!
     So like most people, I have stocked up, charged every electronic possible, and made sure I have enough reading material on my Kindle, just in case the power is out. Oh well...guess mother nature is going to do what she wants...and like any woman, she usually does.

Anyway, thought while I was up twiddling my thumbs, I would let you know that The Cattle Drive is doing wonderfully. I have even begun to get some really good reviews. YEAH! I have listed some of my upcoming releases below.

November 15th, 2012- Emma's Treasures- The Men of Treasure Cove (Menage Series)
December 20th, 2012- The Texas Rebel- The Armstrong Brothers of Cedar Creek.

So...for those of us living on the east coast and in the highlighted red section (according to the Weather Channel)...Stay dry and PRAY the Power stays on!

Rebecca Joyce

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