Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Have you ever wondered why erotic books are so taboo, but yet, it's a multi-million dollar industry?

                               Well how about this answer...SEX SELLS!

In a world where sex is in everything from television commercials, billboard ads,'s even in the way we dress, talk and communicate. It's no wonder SEX SELLS!
As an author of erotic romance books...I am under the firm belief, the more sex the better! If it ain't hot and steamy, and I feel like curling my toes...I wrote it wrong! So back to the drawing board I would go.
In toady's society however, there are many out there who are closet readers of SEX! My question to you is WHY? Why hide what your reading, happy and proud about it! It's a the world that your literate and that you can read...don't be ashamed of what your reading.
Look people this is not the 1950's anymore...we don't say 'Yes Dear' and all that other crap...If you want to read SEX then friggin read SEX! Trust me...nobody is going to give a shit! And if they do...they're just mad cause they ain't gettin any!
So Ladies and Gentlemen...step out of the damn closet, and read what you want openly! Spice up those relationships with some inspiration and to your partner about that steamy hot love scene you just read about...because darlin...when it's all said and done, the best antidote to no LOTS OF SEX!

Rebecca Joyce

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