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 Ms. Ria Candro
My name is Ria Candro, and I've loved to read for as long as I can remember. Horror stories, mysteries, you name it. At the ripe old age of thirteen, I discovered my first romance, and I was ruined for anything else. A great, romantic love story with some hot love scenes thrown in? I couldn't get enough! As I matured, my taste in love scenes grew a little more...shall we say, erotic? Now I say, the hotter the sex scene, the better!

I enjoying writing contemporary and futuristic erotic romances featuring sassy heroines and one or more hunky hero, and I currently have two published series. The first is the Mating Ritual series, which features hunky alien men searching for their perfect mates. The second is the Wicked Fantasies series, a contemporary menage series featuring Serena Filinger and the man of her dreams, James Pullman. Here's a little more about A Good Thing, Book 1 in the Wicked Fantasies series, which released today!

When Serena Filinger lands a much-needed gig as a flight attendant on a private jet, it’s all she can do to keep her hands off the boss, charming real estate mogul James Pullman. Not to mention his four yummy friends, Alex Donovan, Derek Wasserman, Tom Keller, and Charlie Meyers. But after James makes it clear that he and his friends are interested in her, she has a tough choice to make. Keep things professional…or indulge in one of her most wicked fantasies.
Torn between her wish to be with five men at once, and her belief—spurred on by her ex—that her desires are shameful, Serena doesn’t know how to respond. Yet she can’t shake the longing to fulfill her fantasies.
After a mind-blowing erotic encounter, Serena finds she’s too embarrassed to face James again. But to her surprise, he shows up unannounced on her doorstep, letting her know he thinks she’s the perfect match for him.
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