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Friday's Frank Talk

Welcome to Friday Frank Talk

Sage Marlowe
Today we welcome one of Siren-Bookstrands BIGGEST Bestselling Authors, Ms. Sage Marlowe. With her keen ability to ensnare us with her writings of male on male characters that capture our hearts and heightens our desires, Ms. Marlowe is one hot commodity! Today, she has chosen to sit down with me for an interesting and titillating conversation. So, let’s give Ms. Marlowe a big welcome!

So Sage tell us…
1. Being an Erotic Romance Author, you must have a vivid imagination, especially considering you genre you write in. So tell us, where does all this inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many different sources. Sometimes a single sentence I hear somewhere triggers a plot element, sometimes it’s a situation I'm in. That doesn't have to be anything extraordinary. The cutie behind me in the queue at the drug store a couple of weeks ago was very inspiring, as was waiting for the elevator just the other day. I also find inspiration in music, perhaps the most of all. Occasionally I find myself writing a sentence at the exact same moment that line turns up in a song, which is a bit weird, really.

2. So, according to your author page, you’re quoted as saying “My characters just enjoy their romps and being deliciously naughty, but yet when asked about you, you chose not to answer. So let me ask, do you enjoy a good romp and do you like being deliciously naughty?

Hehe. I'd be in the wrong profession if I didn't enjoy the occasional naughty romp or two, wouldn’t I? And yet, one shouldn’t forget that the brain can be the sexiest part of the body. Sometimes what’s in your head is even better than the real thing.

3. Publishing that first book is a big hurdle for many authors. How did you react when Siren agreed to publish your first book?

My reaction to that very first acceptance e-mail was what I expect a heart attack to be like. You know, going pale, flailing my arms and puffing and wheezing a lot. Good thing I was alone in the house or someone would have called the emergency doctor—hang on. Did I just say that? Drat, I wish I hadn't been alone in the house and someone had called the emergency doctor. That would have been something to put into a book! (Note: my debut novel Sub-Mission was released with Total-E-Bound Publishing)

4. What was it that told you, “Hey, write about Man Love?”

Heh! The fictional character who turned up in my bedroom at four in the morning and kept pestering me for two weeks. He wouldn't go away, so I gave in and wrote his story. Before that I'd always wanted to write a book but the muse kept avoiding me. I guess he just didn't like it that I'd intended to write thrillers.

5. Where does all your sexual inspiration come from?

Ha-ha, wouldn't you like to know? Sadly, the answer to that is not all that exciting. The intimacy between my guys just develops out of the story line and their own dynamic and sometimes I’m honestly surprised what they’re up to. I’m just the back seat traveler who gets to take notes and make it sound appealing.

6. Most readers believe the more hot steamy sex the better! In some cases, readers would like to believe that if the author can write it, therefore she must live it. So tell us…was there a scene that was inspired by none other than Sage herself?

Hmm. Let me think about this… Yes. Hehe.

7. You have chosen to delve into the Gay scene with your writings. What is it about Man Love that tickles your fancy?

Uh, the men? Sigh. Well, okay, this is a frank talk so I will be frank. For me, writing Man Love or rather, about gay men is not just a matter of what tickles my fancy. Sure, two sexy guys going at it is the hottest thing ever, but I write about gay men because it is what I am and what I live. I'm attracted to men, I'm in a relationship with a man, and while the outside world might see me as a straight woman, I really am a gay man on the inside. Traditionally assigned gender roles, especially the female one, are a mystery to me and I find it difficult to write about a heterosexual relationship simply because I don’t understand how the chemistry between the people involved works. Also, I like to think that my characters choose to present themselves to me, and so far they’ve all been male. I can’t seem to write a female character that doesn’t end up being stereotypical.

8. When writing the heavy sex scenes, how do you keep yourself inspired?

Hmm, this is a bit like the question about where all my sexual inspiration comes from, so I assume the operative expression here is “heavy sex scenes”. I don't exactly browse the Internet for wicked sex toys my characters could use (Note to self: must start to do that) but I do have a vivid imagination. And occasionally I come across the odd inspirational, ahem, film or book which provides fodder for that vivid imagination. Sometimes there’s a scene, a particular position or maybe an item that sparks my interest and if it fits the characters and their story, I’ll delve into that fantasy, play around with it a bit and write it down.

9. Do you ever see yourself writing a typical M/F book?

Well, as I said above, I don’t understand (stereotypical) heterosexual relationships and M/F sex just doesn't do it for me. And yet, I have actually tried writing a M/F story recently in an attempt to cross genres and attract new readers. And yeah, I chickened out when it got serious. I could probably pull it off if I really made the effort, but it's not who I am and I'd rather remain authentic in my little corner than write for a specific market. Besides, there are lots of brilliant authors out there who got the M/F romance genre covered better than I ever could.

10. What’s in the future for Sage Marlowe?

Certainly more writing, because I just cannot notwrite. It has become too much of a part of my personality to stop. I'm covered with releases until the end of January 2013 and have a couple of WIPs on the go that I'm hoping to finish eventually. Among my current WIPs is the third book in my Romeo & Julian series, and a novel with the working title "Fallen". They will be the ones I finish next. Furthermore, I plan to write a free short story as a little thank you to my readers and I have a novella on the backburner that deals with the T in GLBT. Then there are all those blurry notes and plot lines I want to follow up on. That should keep me busy for the next decade or so and, oh, right, my alter ego's life needs some looking after, too.

Thank you so much for having me today, Rebecca. This talk turned out quite a bit franker than I thought it would, but it was great fun!
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Well there you have folks…right from Sage’s mouth! Check out her MAN LOVE Books on sale now at SirenBookstrand.
Till then, keep reading and tune in next Friday for another Frank Talk with a Surprise Guest!
Rebecca Joyce


  1. Great Interview and wonderful books Sage.. I look forward to the next ones.

    1. Thank you, Clair! I certainly look forward to writing the next one ;)