Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday's Title Author

Thursday’s Title Author
Jan Graham

     Welcome to another Thursday's Title Author blog spot. This week we have none other than's Siren's wicked BDSM Aussie writer from down under, the wonderful Jan Graham. So, please lets give Jan a big howdy from the states, and welcome her to Thursday's Title!
     Jan Graham is an Australian author who often gets described as living her life slightly left of centre. She is a full time writer with six works to her credit so far and more due for release in the New Year. Jan writes Contemporary Romantic Suspense with BDSM themes featuring heavily in most of her books. She is an active member of the BDSM community in her home state of New South Wales, Australia and has recently moved back to live in an inner city area of Newcastle. Jan freely admits to spending too much time drinking cappuccino at some of the fantastic cafes in her new suburb, while tapping away on her trusty laptop as she writes her next book, of course. Finding Angel and Playing Jax are the first two books in Jan’s Wylde Shore Series and she is currently working on the third book, Switching Mercedes which she hopes to have ready for release in early 2013.
Angel Wylde is a woman with a complicated existence, a damaging past, and a desire to be normal. Unfortunately, what’s normal to Angel is unconventional to the rest of us. A crime boss will kill to get an incriminating ledger from her. Detective Steve Jax also wants the ledger from Angel, but the infuriating woman has disappeared.
Christian and Daniel Shore, Steve's two best friends, don’t know about the ledger. They just want Angel. A chance meeting has them taking her home and deciding she is the only woman for them—yes, both of them. Obviously, Angel isn’t the only one with unconventional desires. So who does Angel trust? Two kinky Doms she just met, a cop she doesn’t know anything about, or a nasty crime boss? Trusting all of them may save her life, and falling in love with two Dominant brothers is the icing on the cake.

Steve Jax buried his heart, along with his soul mate, two years ago. He had his turn in the game of love, and it didn't work out, end of story. His new neighbor might stir certain passions within him, but his dark, kinky desires aren't the sort of thing a sweet, naïve ex-nun should be exposed to. All he has to do is convince the determined little minx of that.
Rhiannon McCabe has never been in love. She's hidden under a religious veil since she was eighteen. Now everything's changed. She's left the church, created a new life, and finally met the only man to ever arouse her sexual nature. Steve might think he doesn't have the capacity to love her, but she's determined to convince him otherwise. If love really is a game, then Steve Jax is a prize worth playing for.
To get in touch with Jan try these links...she would love to hear from ya!
     Well read more interesting titles from the amazing Jan Graham, just click on over to her author page at Siren... Stay tuned next week, for another wonderful author.
Till then, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce

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  1. Reading one of Jan's stories is always a wicked delight. :-)