Sunday, November 11, 2012

   Sunday’s Spotlight Author

Welcome to Sunday’s Spotlight Author Blog with the wonderful Honor James. With the publication of her first book, “Their Unexpected Mate”, making waves in the literary world, Ms. Honor James has been flying high.

A lover of books, Ms. James reading material spans from Shakespeare to mysteries and all the way into the erotic. Anything and everything she can lay her hands on she'll read. Though, these days, she leans more toward the paranormal than anything else.

On Tuesday, November 13th, her first book, “Their Unexpected Mate” is due for release. A paranormal, shape-shifter, Ménage a Quatre,  tells the story of three men from the Paranormal Protection Unit who meet their mate, and nothing matters but their driving need to be with her. A must read, this book has it all!
The Talent Cave Reviews: Their Unexpected Mate is the first book I’ve read by this author, and I doubt it will be the last. Overall, I enjoyed reading Ms. James work, and can say without reservation in the world of paranormal menage, it should be a recommended read.  
                                        PictureSizzling HotPictureRecommended Read!
So there you have it folks...another wonderful author with the amazing talent of titillating your senses and keeping you panting for more. Check out "Their Unexpected Mate" and grab your copy today.
Till next time, keep reading and stay tuned for next Sunday's Spotlight Author!
Rebecca Joyce



  1. I would like to add that I am going to give away one copy of "Their Unexpected Mate" today on this blog. So comment away my friends, one of the lucky commenters will receive a free copy!

  2. How can you not have more comments on this? I've been reading the excerpts you have posted and they pull a person in. Congratulations on making it on the bestselling ebooks list over at Siren. From the sounds of your book you do deserve it!

  3. Thank you so much Tiffany. I appreciate it. I had such a great time writing this book and I'm so happy that you've enjoyed the samples.

  4. You are up to #33 right now! Is this book going to be on amazon eventually?