Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursdays Title Author

Thursday’s Title Author

Simone Sinna

 Welcome to Thursday's Title Author...the AMAZING Simone Sinna. Bestselling author of Erotic Romance, Ms. Sinna get oodles of inspiration from her travels and explorations. So whether she is singing in a rock ‘n roll band, sky-diving, belly-dancing in Egypt, back packing to Machu Picchu, or eating strange things in China, Ms. Sinna is nothing but an extraordinary woman who weaves her tales of passion with allot of flare! So let's give Simone Sinna a BIG Thursday Title welcome.
     Her latest book, "Were-Devil's Revenge" due for release December 3rd, 2010 is her latest edition in the Were-Devil's of Tasmania.
     A curse from a doomed love torn apart by war and bigotry looks set to rebound, as Mac and Mitch, two were-devils, are intent on exacting revenge for their dying sister, against an ancient order of ghost vampires who infected her.
     On ghost territory in tropical Queensland they come up against more than they bargain for−close encounters with the ghosts, a gathering of the ghost clan, and a matriarch with attitude, to say nothing of the feisty Gabriella who they have both fallen for before they realize she’s one of the enemy.           
     Gabriella in turn finds herself torn between loyalty to her family and her love for two men from the enemy clan who are threatening to kill those she loves. As prophesized they are each faced with a choice that will either help end the curse or ensure it reverberates through generations to come. Will revenge or love triumph?

     Jarrod and Jesse Tremain are extraordinary men even before Becc Morton discovers their secret. Working with their father to try to save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction in the remote wilds of Tasmania, Australia, Becc find she is instantly attracted to them both, as they are to her.
     But the Destroyers, a group descended from the False Vampire Bats, threaten both Becc’s and her men’s future happiness as well as the survival of the Were-Devil species. A curse from love gone wrong two generations earlier looks like it may be reenacted as the Seer’s stones tell of an uncertain future.
     Racing against time, a secret from Becc’s past threatens them all, and the Were-Devil brothers are given a choice, as the prophecy foretells. Will they make the right choice, and can they save their father and still both have a future with Becc?

     Investigative journalist Stephanie Beauman takes an undercover job helping dangerously attractive Jeffrey Caroway make a documentary on the glamorous International Grand Prix circuit, only to find that former lover Gabriel de Romanos is now an owner of the Argentinean team.
Gabriel will stop at nothing to win both the championship and Stephanie, and sees French driver Jean
    Luc as the biggest obstacle to both. Jeffrey, having already rejected her once, now seems intent to keeping an eye on her as they race toward the glittering climax at the new Texas Circuit of the Americas.
     Stephanie’s uncovering of murder and corruption involving both Jeffrey and Gabriel puts her own and Jean-Luc’s lives at risk. She must decide who she can trust and who she loves, but will it be too late to save Jean-Luc and find happiness?

     The second of three novels in the Stephanie Beauman series takes the investigative journalist from New York, where she is recovering from the end of her affair with Gabriel, to France and Spain. Producer Jeffrey Carroway is making a film on the Camino de Santiago—the famous pilgrims' walk—and Stephanie has a tip-off that he is planning to buy himself an Academy Award.
     Stephanie joins the film crew and finds more than she bargained for when things start going wrong on set.
     Sabotage, bribery, and artistic integrity are all in the mix as Stephanie finds herself attracted to the charismatic Carroway, deals with the attentions of the director Paolo and handsome actor Damian Croft, tries to work out why the location manager is keeping such a close eye on her, and wonders whether she will ever truly escape Gabriel.

     Opening her eyes again as Miguel continued to kiss her neck and shoulders with a warm, insistent mouth, she saw Gabriel had leaned forward a little, into the light, watching her, her reactions, the suggestion of her nakedness before him. Through the shadows she stared back, daring him to stop her, daring him not to want her.
     New York journalist Stephanie Beauman goes undercover in Sydney, Australia, to investigate a corrupt business deal, taking a job as hostess for enigmatic businessman Gabriel de Romanos.             
     Initially confident, and with groundsman Reno as her ally, she is drawn into a world of high-stakes business, wine, social excess, and murder. As she accompanies de Romanos between Australia and Argentina, he and his suave rival Miguel involve her in their business and sexual games. Stephanie is forced to take increasing risks and finally to choose between her story and her own desire.

Well folks there you have it...all the works from the wonderful Simone Sinna.
Stay tuned for a surprising new author and more fabulous new books.
Till then, KEEP READING!
Rebecca Joyce

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