Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Teaser

Tuesday’s Teaser

     Please welcome bestselling author of The Men of Passion, Colorado series, Jane Jamison to Tuesday’s Teasers. Capturing hearts and mind of readers, Ms. Jamison has led her readers on a wild ride of seduction, suspense and hot sexy shifters! In her latest book, “Shay’s Shifters”- The Mountain Men of Montana, she is sure to capture us once again.

     Free-spirited, voluptuous Shay Mathews isn’t afraid to strut her stuff and live life on the edge. But when she crashes her car then wakes up slung over the back of a hot, naked man, she thinks she’s either hallucinating or dead.
    Werewolves Rosh and Renkon McClain and Walker Ramirez fall for the feisty Shay and want her to stay with them in a mystical world for supernatural beings, but she’s set her mind on getting back to the real world outside the secluded paradise of The Hidden. Not heeding her lovers’ warnings, Shay is abducted by the leader of the wretched creatures called The Cursed to become his mate.

   Can they find her before she’s changed by The Cursed? If they’re too late, will they be forced to kill her, thus saving her from a life of misery?

     She glanced around and saw the tracks her car had made in the road as it had spun around and into the forest. She’d gotten lucky that her car hadn’t careened off the side of the mountain.
Gathering her wits, she decided that she had four choices. She could stay inside the car and wait for help to come. But she wasn’t the type to wait, and who know how long it would be before someone came along.
She could walk back to the motel. She wasn’t sure how long it would take, but at least once there she’d get dry and warm. Scanning the road back the way she’d come, she weighed her chances of walking up the icy road with its steep incline. She doubted she could make it without losing her footing and either breaking a bone or slipping off the edge and plummeting to her death.
Should she start walking downhill? But going downhill was as slippery as going uphill, and she knew it would take her hours before she’d make it to the first rest stop that had a gas station.
She turned and faced the woods. Could she make it very far in the forest? Once she’d taken that route, she’d have little chance that anyone would find her. Not that anyone was looking. Willa and Bill would assume she’d made it off the mountain and wouldn’t check on her. Only Tatum knew she was headed home, and if she didn’t show up in two days, Tee would simply assume that she’d taken another detour. Weeks would have to pass before Tee grew worried enough to raise an alarm.
She rubbed her arms, fighting against the chill creeping into her bones, and made her choice. At least if she made it downhill, she had a chance of running into someone. She’d just have to keep moving and hope that would keep her warm enough until she found help.
Shay took a step toward the road then stopped at the crashing sound that came from directly behind her. Whirling around, she stared, alarm clogging her throat.
Could it be the Thing I saw on the road?
A small fawn broke through the trees and slammed to a stop. Its huge black eyes fixed on her, looking as stunned as she felt. The fawn’s light brown coat was dotted with dark spots. It was a vision of wilderness beauty against the pristine backdrop of the snow-covered trees.
A giggle escaped as relief swamped her. The Thing? Drama queen much? What next? The creature from Alien? Get a grip, girl.
A fawn was better than confronting the Thing in the road. She smiled and forgot about the pain in her forehead for the first time since running into the trees.
But her joy was short lived as a dark movement to the right and back of the fawn caught her attention. Was that the Thing? Or something even worse?
A vision of the glowing eyes and the long fangs froze her. Warning bells clanged in her head to get back into the car, and yet she stayed where she was. After everything that had happened, after everything she’d seen and done in the past few days, she couldn’t stomach the idea of the fawn dying a terrible death.
“No way, no how. I am not going to let whatever it is hurt you,” she whispered. Searching around her, she found a large branch that, for one reason or another, wasn’t covered with snow. She moved slowly, carefully, and picked it up then hefted it, judging its weight.
Hoping that the fawn could sense she was on her side, she lifted the branch over her head and circled the car. The Thing in the underbrush moved again and growled. Shay sucked in her gasp, rethought her idea, then forged ahead.
It’s probably a rabbit. Yeah, like rabbits growl all the time.
Making a semicircle through the snow, she worked her way toward the brush, putting herself behind the predator. Once in position behind a large tree, she waited for it to move closer to the fawn.
If she hadn’t thought it impossible, she would’ve guessed that the fawn was fascinated and knew what she had planned. The branch was heavy and its bark bit into her skin, but she held it firmly over her head, ready to react.
Everything happened at once. She saw the brush shaking as the animal broke through its branches and dashed toward the fawn. The fawn jumped into the air then spun around to bolt into the forest. As a large wolf rushed out of the forest, she brought down the branch as fast and as hard as she could. Her vision blurred in the same moment that she hit the animal. Shockwaves shuddered through her arms and she dropped the branch.
Unable to control her body, she fell forward, darkness overcoming her.
Well folks there you have, your Teaser for Shay's Shifter's by Jane Jamison. So grab your copy today and until next time, KEEP READING!


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