Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday's Rant

Wednesday’s Rant

Welcome to Wednesday’s Rant brought to you by a Starbucks Mocha Frapp, my 9mm Beretta and the Law Office’s of Rebecca Joyce! (Warning…GRAPHIC LANGUAGE ALERT!)

 First lets be very clear here people…I WRITE EROTIC ROMANCE BOOKS!

 If you don’t like to read them, then don’t fucking buy them!!!  

It has been brought to my attention that a fellow author is feeling the brunt of ridicule for her amazing talent as an Erotic Romance writer. While many readers look for the next new and upcoming author, and are eager to purchase such books, I find it amazing that ASSHOLES who probably can’t put two words together to make a coherent sentence, find time in their shitty boring day, to crap on people who only want to improve their lively hood by doing what they like. If it’s not personally interfering with your life, why do you give a fuck? I DON’T!

Not everyone has the talent, gumption or spirit to go out into this world and achieve their hearts desires, but for those of us who do…Well, the sky’s the limit! I applaud those who buck the system, in search of something better. They deserve praise, not scorn!

Just because I write Erotic scenes like, “FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR STIFF FAT COCK!” doesn’t mean I am any different from the bitch down the street who sells Avon, or Mary Kay. This Bitch just prefers a more stimulating way of making a little extra cash.

We are not millionaires, far from it. We have day jobs, families, lives that our Erotic lives never see. Don’t punish us for ability to weave tails and make you so fucking hot and horny all you can think about is fucking your husband, boyfriend or lover! Embrace it! Let’s us open your eyes to what is new, fun and very titillating! Because face it people, without SEX your asses would be here! Your momma and daddy had to do the nasty for you to be alive, where do you think they got their inspiration? It sure as hell wasn’t from a God damn Lifetime special!

Today, you can go to any book store and find books on murder, incest, rape, blood sucking vampires and my favorite… How to make a fucking bomb with simple kitchen items! Really…but Erotic Romance is BAD?

Erotic Romance has been around longer than your asses have been breathing, Hell, remember Sodom & Gomorrah? That’s in the bible for those who can’t read! A town full of fucking and crazy mothers…party central if you ask me!

Erotic Romance is a billion dollar a year industry that caters to all walks of life. We cover all your fantasies and with a click of a button, you can read your hearts desires, so don’t knock us if you have no fucking imagination, and they best you can do is lay down like a limp noodle while your significant other is probably wishing you HAD picked up that book that you were eyeing, but denied at the book store! Your non-existent sex-life is NOT our problem. Just cause we’re getting the dirty on, doesn’t give you the right to bitch! I know a good toy store down the road that sells some big dildo’s if you need one!

 With that said, let me also enlighten you on one little thing…


So, the next time you feel the need to bitch, complain, shout to the rooftops, what vile fornicators we are, that we are corrupting the youth of America, or we are promoting pornography, incest or brutality, pick up a fucking book…ANY BOOK any book, read it and then we’ll listen to you. Till then…SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Rebecca Joyce


  1. Rebecca, thank you! You are absolutely right on this one! Truer words couldn't be spoken. This is why no one that I work with know what I write, nor do my family and friends because they would think that I was possessed by the very Devil Himself! Just because we write Erotica doesn't mean that we are bad people, most often time quite the opposite!

  2. This happens all too much! I totally agree with everything you said in your post. Some people are total idiots.

  3. Perfect Rebecca! You took the words right out of my mouth!