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Sunday's Spotlight

Sunday’s Spotlight

     I first want to apologize for not posting Friday’s Frank Talk & Saturday’s Signature Author blog spots. With the recent horrific trauma in Connecticut, like most people, nothing mattered more than hugging your children, spending time with them, telling them that you love them and that’s exactly what I did. I promise that next week, I will be back on track.
     So, since I had no author scheduled for this Sunday’s spot, I thought, I would treat all you Rebecca Joyce fans to a little sneak peak of "The Texas Rebel". Due for release Dec 20th, this is the second installment of The Armstrong Brothers.
Chapter 1
Washington State, October 4th
The house was bustling with somber activity when she walked in.
Trying to avoid the stares from his family, she quietly walked up the
stairs to their bedroom and shut the door. Her only place of serenity
awaited her. Everything was as it should be.
His bed lay in the middle of the room, and his uniform hung
neatly, still on the arm of the chair against the wall. His dresser, still
standing in its place, held their engagement picture. All of his
belongings, his watch, his brush, his wallet, his cologne—nothing had
been touched. The closet still held all of his clothes. His scent
engulfed her as she walked through, heading to the bathroom. She
stopped a moment to take everything in.
Today, she would bury her fiancé. The thought of putting him in
the ground infuriated her. He would not want this. He wanted to be
cremated. His ashes were to be spread into the Bering Strait. That was
what he had asked of her, and she had promised.
Neither of them had ever counted on his mother. The woman was
mad. The moment her mother-in-law arrived, she commanded
everyone’s attention and took over. She demanded that her only son
be buried in the family plot, and she would not listen to reason. She
took over all the arrangements, even refusing the traditional military
burial that the Army was going to provide. She wanted nothing to do
with the military. She blamed them as much as she blamed Sarah.
Looking for some solitude, she walked in to the bathroom and
started the shower.
* * * *
“I don’t even know why we are waiting for that girl. She isn’t
even family,” the overweight woman complained.
“Catherine, enough,” her husband quietly scolded. Swiftly
turning, she shot daggers at the man she had been married to for the
last twenty-six years. Huffing, she walked into the kitchen.
“Maybe someone should go up and check on her,” the older man
asked the room of family members and friends. When no one offered,
he turned to the only person in the room who was ignoring the drama.
He walked over to him and placed his hand on his shoulder.
“Steven. Would you, please? I don’t want Catherine making a big
Steven turned to look at his father. He knew his father was still as
young and virile as he remembered last month. But also it looked like
he aged twenty years in the last few weeks. Who wouldn’t when they
received news that their youngest son was killed in battle. Steven still
had a hard time wrapping his head around it. But no matter how he
felt, because he really didn’t know, he was damn sure of one thing.
That fat bitch could go to hell.
“You have to be joking. I wouldn’t walk five feet to help that
bitch,” he said, staring his dad in the eyes. The old man looked toward
the kitchen and sighed.
Turning back to his son, he pleaded, “Steven, please not today.
Don’t talk about your mother that way, she’s—” he started, and
Steven interrupted him. “She is not my mother.”
“All right, Steven. Please go check on Sarah,” his father asked.
Steven just shook his head and walked toward the stairs.
He didn’t want to do this. He really didn’t want to do this.
Slowly making his way up the stairs, he looked at all the photos
that lined the walls.
Smiling, he remembered how the three of them had taken off for
some adventure on the Mountain of Mount Rainier. It took them two
days to climb that damn mountain, and there at the top, William asked
Sarah to marry him. He remembered how loud she had screamed as
the echo vibrated of the mountain. His brother was elated, as Sarah
jumped into his arms, kissing his face and yelling yes, yes, yes.
Neither of them could wait, so once they made it back down, they
quickly wanted to find the nearest justice of the peace, but it was him
that stopped them, telling them that Pop would be upset if he wasn’t
there. Of course they moaned and complained, but all it took was a
little reasoning on his part and mentioning their father, and he knew
Sarah would wait.
That was William and Sarah, always living in the moment. They
never thought of consequences or the future. All they knew was as
long as they were together they could do anything. Steven smiled,
remembering the happiness of that day as he walked into his brother’s
“Sarah?” he quietly spoke as he walked over to the bed and sat.
Looking around the room, he noticed mementos of their travels. Items
from Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, India, and their last trip to
Great Britain were all spread throughout the room.
William had found Sarah’s family crest and tartan, purchased
replicas, and brought them back. The crest hung on the wall above her
dresser. A bold statement, the crest was made of gold and silver, with
ivy wrapped in a circle surrounding a sword through a dragon’s head.
The family motto, “Never Surrender,” was etched through the blade
of the sword. The tartan was made of the finest wool, in colors of
green and red, and hung in a frame that he designed for his brother.
Together, he and his brother owned one of the finest carpentry
mills on the west coast. Catering to the wealthy, the brothers had
made a name for themselves.
When William was back east and had befriended a man by the
name of James Abernathy, the CEO of one of New York’s best
trading companies, the two hit it off instantly. When William invited
him on a simple weekend excursion, James was impressed with the
brothers’ skills and ordered a desk for his office. It didn’t take long
before James started giving out the brothers’ names, and soon their
small business turned into a company that employed over fifteen
hundred men and women, with two mills and three stores in Portland,
Los Angeles, and New York City.
Steven walked around the room, looking at all the pictures and
memories. He took a photo off of his brother’s nightstand and held it
in his hands. Looking at the photo, he smiled. It was of Sarah sitting
on top of a hill overlooking the country hillside of Scotland. It was of
their last adventure together. Her silky auburn hair had been blowing
in the wind, and when she had turned, he snapped the photo. The
expression on her face was one amazement and wonder. Love filled
her beautiful blue eyes.
Those eyes still today did something to Steven. So much life in
her, he envied his brother. The smile on her face warmed his heart as
he remembered that day.
It had been cold, and Sarah had been determined to reach the top
of that damn hill.
“Sarah, come on. It’s cold, and I’m hungry. Baby, let’s go back.
We can try again tomorrow. Please, honey. My stomach needs food,”
William begged her. She turned and smiled at him. Sticking out her
tongue, she continued on, laughing.
Steven looked at William and laughed. “You brought her here.
You should have known better.”
“That’s it. I can’t go anymore,” William said, sitting down on the
damp hillside and reaching in his backpack for a power bar and a
bottle of water. Steven sat next to him and took the water his brother
handed him.
“She’s is trying to kill me,” William said, looking at his brother.
“I think you will live.”
 “Easy for you to say. You haven’t married the indestructible
“I could always take her off of your hands, little brother. I always
told you she was too much of a woman for you,” Steven said, teasing
his brother. William just smiled and punched his brother in the arm.
Together, they sat there admiring the beauty of the countryside.
Everything was so green and alive. The cool air blew through the
hills, with the sounds of whistles and chimes. Birds flew overhead,
and the sound of water rolling through a brook made the whole scene
picturesque. Steven took in a deep breath and inhaled the smells
around him. The smells of morning dew, poppies, and evergreens
touched every nerve in his soul. The place welcomed him home. He
had never in all of his thirty-one years felt at peace, but sitting on this
hill in this magical place, he had the feeling of contentment and
oneness with himself.
Breaking the silence of his wonderment, he heard Sarah. “Come
on, you two. You have to see this. It’s absolutely beautiful.”
The brothers turned to find her sitting at the top of the hill, some
hundred yards away. Steven looked at William, who just hung his
head. “Please, Steven. I can’t move.”
“Wimp!” Steven said, getting up and walking toward Sarah.
“Hey!” William said, yelling for his brother, throwing the camera
at him. “Take a picture for me, will ya?”
Steven caught the camera and headed toward the top. Walking
toward her, he watched her hair blowing in the wind. She sat there
peacefully, overlooking the countryside. Taking the camera lenses off,
he hit the power button and focused the frame. As he moved closer, he
whispered, “Hey, beautiful, smile.”
Sarah slowly turned and smiled. Steven looked through the lenses
and froze. Feeling as if something had punched him in the gut, his
breathing started to race. His hands were clammy. His heart began to
ache. He slowly lowered the camera and looked at her. Her eyes,
those magnetic sapphire-blue eyes, were looking at his soul. Steven
stood there staring at her. Oh, God, he thought to himself as the
unfamiliar feeling hit him.
“Steven, are you going to take the picture?” she asked, smiling at
him. Trying to shake off the feeling, he fumbled with the camera and
hit the button.
“Come here and sit with me. You have to see this. It’s magical up
here,” she said, raising her hand toward him. Steven slowly walked
toward her, feeling the pull of her moving his legs forward. If he
wanted to turn and run, he couldn’t. He was being drawn to her. As
he reached her, his hand raised to place her small hand in his, and he
felt the warmth of ten thousands fires burn through him. He sat next
to her as she showed him the beauty of the hillside. He listened to her
talk. Her voice sounded like angels as he stared at her. The wind blew
and surrounded him in her scent. Dear God, he thought to himself.
Take me now, for today I will die a happy man. She smelled of
lavender and chamomile. Together they sat there on that hillside and
looked out toward the beauty of Scotland.
“Are you two done? I’m starving over here. I need food!” William
yelled, breaking the magical moment Steven was having. Sarah turned
and laughed at her future husband. Getting up, she smiled at Steven
and ran down the hill into William’s waiting arms.
Sitting there with the camera in his hands, he shook his head.
“Stupid, stupid, what are you doing? She is your brother’s. You’re an
idiot,” he muttered to himself.
“Steven?” she whispered.
Quickly brought back to the present, he turned to find her standing
there with a towel wrapped around her. Her hair was still wet as she
emerged into the room. Walking over to the bed and grabbing a pair
of stockings she had laid out for the occasion, she returned to the
“Sorry, Sarah. Pop wanted me to come get you,” he said, turning
around to give her some privacy.
 “I will be down in a minute,” she muttered.
“Okay,” he said, getting up and heading for the door.
He froze. “Yes.”
“Please stay,” she whispered, walking toward the walk-in closet.
“Sarah,” he said with his hand on the doorknob, looking at the
white-paneled door that he made for his brother.
“Steven, please. I don’t think I can do this without you. Please
stay,” she quietly said. He took a deep breath and turned. He found
the room empty again. Hearing her move around in the bathroom, he
went back to the bed and sat. Trying to think of anything to say to
take his mind off her, he asked, “Did you make it to the top?”
“How far this time?”
“I had about another ten feet till I tripped and fell.”
“Are you okay?”
“Just some scratches. I will survive.”
“Okay.” The silence in the room was deafening. He sat there
waiting for her to emerge, and when she did, his heart skipped.
She emerged wearing a soft-blue dress that fell to her knees. Her
hair was swept up atop her head. She wore no makeup, but she really
didn’t need any. Her soft porcelain skin glowed. Her rosy cheeks
shimmered, and her plump, pink lips looked as soft as rose pedals.
She was a beautiful woman, curvaceous and sensual. Sitting there
staring at her, he couldn’t help but be amazed.
“You think she will have a cow if I wear this?” she said, turning to
“That bitch can burn in hell.”
“Well, yes. I agree with that. I just don’t want any more
“There won’t be.”
“Steven, I—” she started, but he stood, interrupting her.
 “Sarah,” he said, putting his hands on her shoulders. She had to
raise her head to look at him. “I give you my word. If that hell bitch
says or does anything, I will take care of it.”
     She smiled at him, and then she raised her arms and wrapped them
around his waist, hugging him. He didn’t know what to do. She had
never hugged him before. Yes, they kidded around, but never had she
been this close to him. Her head lay against his chest, and her arms
slid around his waist. He felt the warmth of her all over again, as the
memory of that day on the hill flooded back into him. Her arms
moved up his back, holding him tightly. She laughed a little. “Steven,
it’s a hug. You can hug me.”
     “Sorry,” he said, coming to his senses and wrapping his arms
around her. He closed his eyes as he held her. She fit perfectly in his
     She never did belong to him, and he knew it. But he was there, in
his brother’s bedroom with his brother’s girl. In a room that William
had wanted to share with her as they started their life together, Steven
felt like an intruder.
     He knew she loved William. He was her whole life. She was
devoted to him and everything they were. He sighed, resolved to the
fact that she would always love his brother. Even though his brother
was no longer alive, he could not have her. He loved his brother that
much, and respected the bond the two of them had. Resolved to being
her friend and friend only, he broke the embrace.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“Let’s go say good-bye.”
     Together they walked out of the room.
Well folks, that's all the teaser your gonna get today! If you want to read more, The Texas Rebel will be released December 20th, 2012. Also, "Janie's Tempting Submission" will soon be available January 22nd, 2013!
      Janie Marie Potter is the shy librarian of Treasure Cove. Avoiding all contact she lives her life as quietly as possible, but when she inadvertently checks out a book that is beyond her comprehension, she takes the intoxicating trip into a world that awakens her soul.
     Jeff and Caleb Hicks are the owners of the JC Ranch and they have a problem. They have fallen for the most introverted woman in Treasure Cove. Not sure on how to approach her they are given an opportunity when they find out she has a secret desire.
     Jumping at the chance they move forward to seduce and capture the shy librarian praying their dominant personalities are enough to win her heart, but when they discover there is more to the woman they love, can they stay the course and have her soul submit to them forever.
Well Folks, thats all for now. Stay tuned for tomorrows, MONDAY MORNING NEWS where I will give you the low down on this weeks NEW RELEASES from SIREN.
Till then, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce

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