Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Title Author

Thursday’s Title Author

     Hi folks. Welcome to Thursday’s Title Author, Ms. E.A. Reynolds!!! An optimist who spends her days dreaming about possible new books and the characters that will become the stories, she loves to read paranormal romance novels, but is a big fan of the Dresden Files novels as well as Harry Potter books. Having an interest in psychic abilities and the possible numerous ways in which they could be used in daily life, she weaves her thoughts and imaginations into her books.
     So let’s welcome E. A. Reynolds as Thursday’s Title Author!!!


A long term affair was the last thing thermo kinetic Dr. Riley Langton wants, so he dumps his boyfriend. However, Riley isn’t prepared for the dogged determination of Trace Collins, a man caught in the thrall of the psychic scent of his soul-mate.


     Devon Oaklyn is tired of the empty life he’s been living and returns to his home city resolved to settle down with the woman his mother chooses, but Devon doesn’t count on the unfinished affair of his past life intruding on his present life. That was his first mistake, his second was the handshake that reignited a love too hot to hold and too timeless to deny…
     Carter Cross is a man who knows what he wants and he knows Devon is the one man who can fill the void in his life. However, Devon is in the closet and caught up in a morass of fears that Carter refuses to allow to control his life. So when Devon pushes him away, Carter walks.
     But it doesn’t take long for Devon to realize he can’t live without Carter, and he launches a sensual assault to win back the man who’s captured his heart and captivated his soul.

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Well folks that all for today.
Till next time, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce

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