Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday's Title Author

Thursday’s Title Author

     Hi Folks, it’s me! Ha, thought I had someone else today, well…NOT! You see, today is all about ME DAY, cause today is my BIRTHDAY and what a better way for me to celebrate my birthday, than with the NEW RELEASE of another Armstrong Brother of Cedar Creek book, “THE TEXAS REBEL.”
     Today, I am turning 39 years old and after several years of procrastinating, last September, I bit the bullet and submitted my first manuscript, “The Cattle Drive”. Since then, I have been having a blast of epic proportions! I absolutely love writing books and I still get as giddy as a school girl when I get those acceptance letters in the mail.

      In the mean time, I thought I would treat everyone to some extras…

From Cedar Creek, Texas:

 The next Armstrong Brother of Cedar Creek book currently in the works, is none other than Mason Armstrong himself, “A Soldier’s Promise”. Oh man, is that boy giving me a headache right now, but don’t ya’ll worry, I’ll whip his butt into shape and finish his story, even if I have to drag him kicking and screaming the whole way.

Of course, his brothers will help shove him along, which makes for a very interesting treat, cause ya never know what’s gonna happen when those boys get together.

From Treasure Cove, Montana
"Emma's Treasures" was released November 15th, 2012!!! In the first book of The Men of Treasure Cove Series, you met Emma McKenzie and her men, Travis, Tucker & Tate Quinn. 
"Janie’s Tempting Submission” is due for release, January 22nd…In this book you’ll catch up with Jeff & Caleb Hicks.

 “The Sheriff’s Jailbirds” is due for release, February 7th… You just wait and see what happens when the Sheriff of Treasure Cove, opens his big mouth!!!

 In the works from Treasure Cove, is The McDaniel Brothers story and the elusive BDSM Club owner, Gabriel Sexton.

 Well Folk, that's all for now.
Till next time, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce

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  1. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!! Good luck with the new release. Hope you have a fantastic day!