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Tara Rose
 Claiming Their Racy Sub

When submissive Alexa Monahan moves to Racy, Indiana, from Manhattan, she knows the abusive Dom she left behind might find her, but she can’t help falling in love with Doms Chase Taylor and Luke Rodriguez.
Luke Rodriguez was always the man whom women wanted as a friend, but never as a lover. He’s met his soul mate in Alexa, but can he help her overcome the abuse she suffered so she can love him in the way he craves?
Chase Taylor’s wife left him years ago and now he’s afraid to give his heart away, until he meets Alexa. She’s everything he’s ever wanted. But what is she hiding in her past, and can he protect her from it?
The three soon find themselves battling not only Alexa’s demons from her abuse as a teen, but a very real threat in the form of her ex-Dom who has somehow found her…
Chase Taylor was a hunk with an attitude, but she was drawn to him. He wasn’t cocky or haughty though. That wasn’t the reason he fascinated her. She loved his confidence, and the way he’d walk into a room and simply take charge of it by his mere presence.
She’d made sure he wasn’t a sadistic asshole like Brad by grilling Noah for almost two hours one evening. She knew Chase frequented Maddox McCree’s very private and exclusive dungeon, and that he was the zoning commissioner in Racy. He was also the reason why Kari had been able to renovate the old house into both living quarters upstairs and a sex shop on the first floor.
But that wasn’t why he and Alexa had started dancing around each other. Alexa had been in the bar one night and Chase walked in. He hadn’t stopped staring at her, and finally Luke had introduced them. After Luke closed down his bar that night, the three had gone to Nan’s Place, the favorite local greasy spoon, and spent hours just talking. Alexa had been so comfortable with both men it surprised her.
“How is business at the shop?” asked Chase.
“It’s great. Kari and I are so busy it’s crazy. Three months ago we weren’t even sure we’d be open for Valentine’s Day.”
“That’s what she said.” He gave her a pointed stare. “Soon you’ll be able to put on some of those clothes you two plan to sell and come to Maddox’s club with me.”
Chase had been trying to get her to go to Maddox’s club with him ever since, but she’d given him one lame excuse after another. Alexa wasn’t quite ready to walk into a club again. Not yet, at least.
“You’re a million miles away tonight, Alexa.” A lock of Chase’s brown hair fell over his forehead. Alexa reached up without thinking and brushed it out of his eyes. The softness that came over them sent a flood of desire coursing through her body.
Whereas Luke reminded Alexa of a bear, Chase was more like a lion or a cheetah, perhaps. A bear was cuddly and soft but able to rip your head off if he was defending his territory. But a cheetah was purely predatory. Chase had an aura about him that screamed, “I’m in control but I won’t hurt you.” Noah, who she’d trust with her life, had assured Alexa that Chase would cut off an arm before he’d hurt a woman. She wanted so badly to take a chance and trust him.
Chase waved a hand in front of her face. “Earth to Alexa.”
“Sorry, Chase. I guess I’m just tired.”
Chase’s smile was quick and sexy. “You should be. You’re working too hard. You need a day off.” He leaned close, and the smell of Aramis filled her head. “Why don’t you come on a drive with me tomorrow? The shop will be closed, right? Have you seen the wind turbines? We could drive up I-65. What do you say?”
She stared into his eyes, overcome with conflicting emotions. A drive on a frosty Sunday afternoon would be fun, and she was curious about the wind turbines. Almost everyone in this town was associated with them in one way or another.
It wasn’t that she didn’t want to get back into the lifestyle. It was that she wasn’t prepared to face her past and all that Brad had put her through, and being a sub again meant she’d have to do both. She and Julie had talked about that aspect of her life extensively.
The idea of submitting to a man again made her wary, even while she craved it. Most days she believed she was completely fucked up. But she’d come to realize there was a fine line between being a Dom and being abusive, and Brad had crossed it. Alexa simply hadn’t known how to back away, or not to get involved in the first place.
But having grown up with a mother who was an escort and let her clients stay overnight in her home with a teenage daughter in the next bedroom while she drank herself into a coma nearly every night so that the clients did what they wanted, when they wanted to the daughter, had left Alexa with a skewed sense of right and wrong.
“Alexa, all I’m asking for is to take a drive with me. We’ll stop somewhere afterwards and get dinner. No expectations, and no strings attached. I swear it.”
She sensed movement next to her and glanced up to find Luke standing close. Chase’s smile didn’t leave his face as he shook Luke’s hand.
“How are you, Luke? Great crowd tonight.”
Chase cleared his throat, and resignation filled his eyes. He cut his gaze to Alexa for a second then glanced up at Luke. “I was just telling Alexa we should take a drive to see the wind turbines. She never has. And then we could stop and get something to eat. Want to come along? Can you leave your bar for an afternoon?”
Luke blinked a couple of times. To say he looked surprised was an understatement, but he recovered quickly. “Sure I can. My sister Peppi will keep an eye on it for me. Okay. I’ll come along.”
“Great.” Chase nodded toward Alexa. “What do you say now? Yes?”
Alexa didn’t want to hide in the past anymore. She wanted her chance at happiness as well. Now that Kari spent all her free time with Noah and Adison, she was lonely. They’d had such a great time at Nan’s that night, why should tomorrow be any different? Then again, this wasn’t a walk down Market Street in Racy. It was a drive some miles away, and an entire day together with the two of them.
But Alexa wanted this. Julie had said she was ready, and she felt ready. It was only a day. She didn’t have to tell them about Brad or her past, and she didn’t have to do anything except enjoy their company. They wanted to be with her, and she wanted to be with them. She was hungry for them both, and it was time to stop being afraid and enjoy her life.
“Okay. Let’s do that. It sounds perfect.”
She imagined kissing each man. Both had great mouths, and she already knew they both knew how to use them. She’d had more than one hot and heavy kiss-and-feel session with each man. Alexa conjured up those memories now, letting her imagination do the rest of the work. It wasn’t a stretch to imagine how they’d look, hard and muscled, with dicks ready to fill her holes and make her scream with pleasure.
Luke began to massage her shoulders, and Alexa sighed as she imagined his strong hands moving lower to knead her breasts. Chase’s hand moved gently up and down one thigh, and Alexa had to bite back a moan as she pictured it cupping her wet pussy. When she covered it with her own and moved it higher, she heard his sharp intake of breath.
Luke inched one hand lower, and Alexa took that one with her free hand and moved it to her left breast. “Jesus,” whispered Luke.
“Shit. We’re still twenty minutes away from Racy.” Chase’s voice was raspy.
Alexa smiled. “Deal with it, Chase.”
She didn’t quite move his hand up to her pussy, but she did spread her legs a bit and let him think she was going to. Luke kept his hand on her breast in a way that made her feel as if he owned her, and it was so sexy that Alexa was squirming in her seat by the time Chase finally pulled into the garage of his condo.
As soon as she was inside, Chase cupped her face in both hands. “Alexa”—his voice was soft and tender—“we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You know that, right?”
“That’s right,” said Luke, his gaze fixed on her breasts. “If all you want to do is watch TV, that’s what we’ll do.”
She sighed. “You two are pretty damn special, you know that?”
“We know it,” said Luke, grinning.
Chase actually rolled his eyes. Then he kissed Alexa and she forgot all about Brad, New York, and the beer that was still rolling around in her stomach. His kiss was rough and deep, but Alexa wanted that right now. She clung to him and kissed him back, parting her lips to let his tongue inside.
Luke’s strong hands massaged her ass cheeks, and when he gave each one a soft smack, Alexa jumped. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to be spanked, but she hadn’t expected it coming from Luke. Before either man could comment on her reaction, she deepened her kiss with Chase. Desire ran through her body, hot and fast. When Chase finally released her mouth, Luke turned her around and kissed her neck, sending shock waves down Alexa’s spine and straight to her soaking wet pussy.
Chase pulled off his shirt and tossed it on a chair as he walked toward the stairs. Luke and Alexa followed. Halfway up the staircase, Luke took off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. Alexa giggled at the sight of both shirts then pulled off her sweater. She laughed out loud at the look of raw desire on both their faces.
“Well, fuck it all,” said Chase, taking off his shoes and socks.
Alexa had taken a quick look around the condo before Chase had kissed her, and she’d had just enough time to be impressed with his taste in decorating, and to realize he was a neat freak compared to her and Luke. She’d been in Luke’s apartment only once, but that had been long enough to find out he was more like her in terms of housekeeping. Wherever something landed, that’s where it lived that day.
“This is killing you, isn’t it?” she asked Chase as Luke removed his shoes, socks, and jeans, and threw them on top of his shirt.
“Oh shut up.” His voice was full of humor, and his eyes danced with light.
When both men stood naked in front of her, Alexa gasped at the sight of their muscled bodies and thick red dicks. Both were already slick with pre-cum. She actually became lightheaded staring at them, imagining them in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass.
“Your turn, beautiful.” Luke’s gaze was intent and full of raw lust. His voice was soft and teasing. Alexa sighed and unhooked her bra, letting it fall at her feet.
“Fuck,” muttered Chase.
“God in heaven,” whispered Luke.
Alexa felt heat creep up her neck and face. Brad had never looked at her curvy body with reverence. She’d believed she would feel self-conscious of her less-than-perfect muscles, especially when compared to Luke and Chase’s bodies, but the admiration and desire in their eyes told her she had nothing to fear. They liked what they saw. She held their gazes, looking from one man to the other, as she slid down her jeans and stepped out of her boots. The panties she wore were soaked anyway, so she slipped them off and stood with her hands behind her back and her eyes downcast, like a good sub would.
Dulce María madre de Dios,” whispered Luke. She lifted her gaze to his groin and watched his cock twitch.
“Alexa…” Chase cleared his throat. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”
“Thank you. So are you. Both of you.” Before she lost her nerve, she dropped to her knees in front of Luke and took his dick in one hand. She moaned at the way it jumped and at the fullness of it. Chase moved down one step so she could reach his cock as well, and Alexa took him in the other hand.
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