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Just Her Luck

Riley O'Connor has been on the run from her past, but when her luck turns south she ends up in a small town just outside of the Canadian border. She is not used to allowing others to take care of her, however, Riley must face her demons and rely on two strangers. Will she try and run again, or stay and fight for the life she has created for herself with the men she has fallen for?
Cooper and Cash Jackson live a perfect small-town life, but when a small broken woman enters their world with her past following right behind her, the men stick together to try and save her. When an attack on Riley happens, they discover someone within the town is actually behind the attacks. Cooper and Cash are faced with the question of who they can trust to keep her safe.
Cooper Jackson was making the drive back from the city where he needed to pick up some supplies not found in town. Lucky, Montana was a small community and everybody looked out for one another. He would never trade it for the world. Running a ranch gave him a purpose and a scene of belonging to the town. Once he was over the mountain and heading down the long stretch of road on the other side, Cooper knew he was almost home. Listening to a country station, he drove as he was in a trance, not paying any attention was he went on his way. As he passed the Lucky 32 miles sign, he happened to notice dust and smoke coming up from the side of the road. Someone must have run off the road. He decided to stop as he had his truck and could help pull them out if they needed. Getting out of the truck, Cooper walked over to see if he could help. As he got closer, he noticed a small blue car was smashed up against the side of the ditch and the airbag was inflated.
Man, that car was totaled, and the smell of gas was everywhere. Hoping no one was hurt, he called out. When no one answered, he carefully went over to look at the driver. What he saw caught him off guard. A small auburn-haired woman was slumped over against the side window with blood running down her forehead. Cooper reached into his pocket for his phone and then called 911. He was informing the dispatcher of his location and about the woman in the car when he smelled smoke. He looked over at the car, and smoke was starting to billow out of the engine. She must have done some serious damage. With the smell of gas lingered in the air, Cooper knew he had to get the woman out of the car and quickly as it could go up in flames at any point. He tried to get the door open, but it was jammed. He ran around the other side and was able to crawl across the passenger side and pull the women out that way. Man was she tiny and light. She looked like she hadn’t eaten anything in weeks. Trying to be as careful as he could, he picked her up and ran up to the road to wait for rescue crews. He did a quick scan of her body to see the extent of all her injuries. He could see she had a nasty laceration on her head and bruising on her chest from her seat belt. Thank god she wore that. He looked down and noticed her wrist was swollen. She probably broke or sprained her wrist trying to take control of the car. Everything else looked okay.
Cooper held her in his arms, pushing the hair out of her face, and noticed how pale she looked. She must have lost a lot of blood. He took off his shirt and placed it on the cut on her head, hoping to stop the bleeding. When he covered the cut, she let out a painful moan. Her eyes started to flutter open, and she looked at him. She must have been startled as she tried to get out of his arms. “Whoa there, darlin’, you need to stay still,” he said as he ran his hands over her hair, trying to comfort her. He knew she had to stay still to make sure no more damage was done. She had been lucky she was not killed, but she needed to be checked out.
Riley didn’t know what was going on. The last thing she remembered was driving down a long stretch, playing with the radio, then a deer. “Oh my god, I crashed,” she said as the memories started coming back. Trying to gather her thoughts, she looked up and saw she was being held, and she didn’t know this person holding her. All she knew was she had to get away. She tried to get up but his arms held her down. He was gently rubbing his hands down her hair. Riley felt dizzy and leaned back on his lap. Trying not to throw up on him as the world was spinning around her, she took slow, deep breaths. Trying to think of something to say, she opened her mouth and was cut short by the sounds of an approaching emergency vehicle. The paramedics rushed over and started asking her questions about the date, where she was, and her name.
The paramedics loaded her up onto a stretcher, and the only thing she saw was a concerned look on her rescuer’s face as the doors shut.
Lunch went by quick, and soon she found herself back at work. Cooper had not returned from his call out to one of the ranches, and the sheriff was nowhere to be found. Riley sat down and started filing the reports that were left on the desk. The door rang, and Riley looked up to a very pissed-off Cash.
“Where the hell were you? I tried calling you on the cell and here. Cooper is out on a damn call and the damn sheriff is gone. There is no one here with you. I agreed you could take this job as long as someone was here to watch you, and you ran off without a damn care in the world. Now where the fuck did you go?” Cash was screaming hostilely as he approached Riley, who was now backed against the wall of the office.
“I can do whatever the hell I want, Cash Jackson! But for your information, I went to lunch with Sam. It was nothing big, but I went there and came right back. So don’t go getting your panties all in a twist. No one is going to get me in here.”
“Kitten, you’re skating on thin ice. I have had just about enough and should put you over my knee and watch that tight ass turn bright pink and hot under my hand for not listening to me and Cooper. Then maybe you would think twice before putting yourself in any danger again.” Cash knew he was hanging on by a thread. His heart had stopped when he had not been able to get a hold of her, and he knew Coop was out on a call.
“You wouldn’t dare spank me. You talk a big talk, Cash, but you have used this line on me before and you haven’t once followed through. So go blow it out your ass.” Riley knew she shouldn’t be baiting him, but she had had enough of him telling her what she could and couldn’t do. As soon as the thought popped into her head, Cash was on her and dragging her into the sheriff’s office and locking the door.
“Oh, kitten, now you have done it.” Then the next thing Riley knew, she was being turned around, facing the desk, as Cash worked on the button of her jeans.
Cash was well aware that Riley was pushing her luck, but he was more than happy to play. He did warn her, and his palm twitched with anticipation of heating her ass up good. The stunt she pulled with her leaving and just now had earned her ten good spankings.
“Riley, I need you to know that I would do anything to keep you safe. This is a reminder that every time you don’t listen, I will spank your ass. Now bend over and don’t move, and you are not allowed to come until I tell you.”
And with that, Riley bent over the desk and held still. She knew he was worried and then threw it back in his face.
The excitement of being spanked had some sort of appeal to her, as she read about it in books but never experienced it. She was not one for pain, but she knew neither Cooper nor Cash would actually hurt her. The first smack came at her with a surprise. It hurt, but not as badly as she feared. Cash rubbed the area after each hit, but by the third smack she was feeling the pain morph into pleasure as it radiated down into her now-aching sex. She never knew that this pain could be so damn erotic and hot.
By the tenth smack, Riley was moaning after each one. Cash felt the zipper of his denim jeans creating an imprint on his cock. He leaned over and whispered into Riley’s ear, “You did great, kitten, but now I am going to fuck you, and you can come now.” He let his words penetrated Riley’s mind, while he lowered his zipper, and then he was inside her. Cash started a slow, rhythmic movement, grinding his hips when he was seated fully inside her. He could feel Riley quicken with pleasure as her walls started to grip him tight. Cash was aware that Riley was getting close as her breathing patterns increased and she panted with need, need for him. He started a punishing pounding rhythm as their bodies collided. It was the last of his control. He never thought Riley would let him spank her, as she seemed so timid and shy, but she accepted it without any hesitations. The fact that she submitted to him made his cock strain with need. The sensations started to build at the base of his spine, and his balls drew up.
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