Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome to Friday Frank Talk with...
Marla Monroe

Bestselling author of over 40 books, you can find Marla and her seductive books at SirenBookstrand. Her new book, “Their Reluctant Submissive”, is the beginning of an enticing new series called, “Knights in Black Leather”.

So Marla tell us…

1.     Where does all this inspiration come from?

I have a very active imagination that never shuts up. I see or hear something like a phrase or name and suddenly an entire world opens up inside of my head. And then there are my close friends who are always eager to help me with my research.


2.     Your characters are vibrant and colorful. You give them a life like quality. Have you ever run into someone who reminded you of one of your characters?

Actually, quite a few times. Sometimes my characters seem so real to me that I have to back up and remind myself that they aren’t. That’s when “open mouth, insert foot” occurs when I meet someone that just screams that character’s name at me. I have to really watch myself when that happens. When you live with them through several books it’s easy to forget they aren’t real.


3.     I see from reading your author page that you’re a nurse. Since we all know some pretty freaky stuff can be seen wandering the halls of a hospital, enlighten us…What really goes on behind those white walls? Is it as steamy as our readers would like to believe?

Oh, don’t get me started. Sometimes it can get really wild. One thing you learn when you work in a fast paced, high stress situation like nurses, doctors, policemen, firemen, paramedics, and the military to name a few, the stress will get to you if you let it. To combat that, they tend to act out. That translates into affairs, kinky play, inappropriate humor, and anything that pushes boundaries.


4.     Most readers believe the more hot steamy sex the better! In some cases, readers would like to believe that if the author can write it, therefore she must live it. So tell us…was there a scene that was inspired by none other than Marla herself?

OMG!  Let’s get personal why don’t we? First of all, some erotic romance writers actually live the life they write about to some degree. I have friends who are in polyamorous relationships and some who live some measure of the BDSM lifestyle.

I am a firm believer in writing what you know to the best of your ability. That means I have experimented in pretty much everything I’ve written about. Is there one scene that was inspired by my kink play? Yeah. Several actually. Of course nothing can compete with the real deal.


5.     You typically write BDSM M/F/M or M/F books. Ever think of venturing off into the M/M sector?

I honestly don’t think I have what it takes to pull it off. It really requires a special author to be able to portray men falling in love with each other. You have to be able to keep them masculine without pitting them against each other. My hat is off to those authors.


6.     How do you keep your BDSM crowd, hungry and aching for more?

I’m not sure, really. I have slowly increased the amount of play into my books over time. Their Reluctant Submissive is the first book in my new series Knights in Black Leather and the entire series centers around the BDSM lifestyle along with ménage. I am toying with not all of the books being ménage, but I haven’t been told by my muses yet what will happen with it.


7.     When writing the heavy sex scenes, how do you keep yourself inspired?

Mostly I let myself fall into my imagination and write them like I would want to experience them. I don’t watch movies for inspiration like some authors do, but I will admit to enjoying the eye candy that some of my author friends post on Facebook. That can be inspiring when I’m having trouble picturing my heroes like I want them. I just go back and pull out the ones that resemble my men and whew, off I go.


8.     What’s in the future for Marla Monroe?

Wow. I can’t even imagine. I want to write between 15 and 20 books a year for Siren and eventually quit my day job. I’m working on another series that will be a step in a different direction for me. It’s a paranormal series of shape shifters. I’m having a lot of fun with them. Other than that, I’m happy writing for Siren and with the way my world is turning.

Well there you have it folks…right from Marla’s mouth! Check out her latest book, “Their Reluctant Submissive” on sale now at SirenBookstrand. Till then, keep reading and tune in next Friday for another Frank Talk with a Surprise Guest!


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  1. Awesome! Great questions Rebecca. Like the truthfulness in the answers. I've always wondered how authors get their inspiration. Now I know! Can't wait to start reading the new series Marla! Can't wait til next Friday :)