Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome to Friday Frank Talk with
Tonya Ramagos!


Bestselling author of over 30 books, you can find Tonya and her seductive books at SirenBookstrand. Her latest book, “Hands on Justice”, is the newest tantalizing treat in “The Service Club” series.

So Tonya tell us…

1.     Where does all this inspiration come from?

I don’t know. Anywhere and everywhere, apparently. I’ll look at something, read something, or just be driving or walking somewhere and a light bulb comes on. I think it’s pretty neat. I laugh at myself all the time and go, “Where did that come from?” I’ve yet to answer that question, though.

2.     Your characters are vibrant and colorful. You give them a life like quality. Have you ever run into someone who reminded you of one of your characters?

Not yet, but there are some of characters I wouldn’t mind meeting in person. <grin> I have done it the other way around, created a few characters that spawned from people I’ve met.

3.     I see from reading your author page, that you’re married. What does hubby think of these hot, sexy men you write about?

Eek! I’ve got to have that author’s page changed. Then again, maybe not. I’m actually not married anymore, but I’m probably on my way again in the near future. My new honey (two years old new now) chuckles and rolls his eyes when I talk about my hot, sexy men. Sometimes he’ll tell me a “real” man wouldn’t really do...fill in the blank...and I tell him in my female fantasy world he’ll do it or I’ll write him off. LOL

4.     Most readers believe the more hot steamy sex the better! In some cases, readers would like to believe that if the author can write it, therefore she must live it. So tell us…was there a scene that was inspired by none other than Tonya herself?

Hmm, good question! Let’s see...I wouldn’t say there are any full scenes, but parts to many. My honey and I like to experiment. He’s also dominate and I’m submissive. It makes for fantastic research! While I haven’t used any complete scenes, there are bits probably in every sex scene I write that comes from experience.

5.     You have only written two Male/Male books, “Saving Stakes” and “What His Cowboys Want”, are you planning on anymore male/male books in the future?

Hehe Funny you should ask that. I submitted my third Male/Male/Male novel a couple of days ago to Siren-BookStrand. It’s titled Going Under and will be book 9 of The Heroes of Silver Springs series. I also have a couple of ideas brewing for more Male/Male novels in the coming year.

6.     When writing the heavy sex scenes, how do you keep yourself inspired?

I research with my honey and Google, though not at the same time. <grin> I like to find new toys or outfits or whatever else I come across to play with and let my characters get creative. When writing one erotic novel after the other, it can be a challenge at times to keep the sex scenes different throughout each book. Discovering new things or locations keeps it interesting for me, the characters, and the readers.

7.     What’s in the future for Tonya Ramagos?

Write. Write. Write! As I mentioned above, I just completed Going Under [The Heroes of Silver Springs 9] and I will be starting Chelsea’s Rescue [The Service Club 5] on Friday. I don’t have specific plans after that. Usually the new ideas hold off until I’m nearly through with one before they start pounding at my brain for attention.

Well there you have folks…right from Tonya’s mouth! Check out her latest book, “Hands on Justice” on sale now at SirenBookstrand. Till then, keep reading and tune in next Friday for another Frank Talk with a Surprise Guest!

                                                         Twitter: @tonyaramagos

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