Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning News

Monday Morning News

Good Monday Morning from the Erotic world. With less than 15 days left till Christmas, don’t worry about running out and getting that last minute item, click on over to Siren Bookstrand, and give the gift of BOOKS! With so many to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some new releases from Siren that just might interest you:


Monday, Dec 10
Pack War ~ JC Holly
Tuesday, Dec 11
An Unbridled Lust ~ Brenda Williamson
Wednesday, Dec 12
A Christmas Moon ~ Sally Quilford
Thursday, Dec 13
Dallas (Wolfe Brothers 3) ~ Kaylee Feagans
Undead Tango ~ Alex Martin
Friday, Dec 14
Saturday, Dec 15

Also in the news…COMMING SOON!!! DECEMBER 20th, 2012... THE TEXAS REBEL~ The Amrstrong Brothers of Cedar Creek (BOOK 2).
     Mark Garrett Armstrong, the Armstrong family’s playboy on the football field, loves the media. With too much partying, women, and booze, he strikes the wrong pose at every opportunity regardless of the circumstances. With his career on the line, Mark sets on a path of self-destruction, forgetting those he leaves in his wake.
     Sarah Renee Mitchell, Grammy Award–winning recording artist, has lived her whole life in the spotlight. When the media and her personal life collide, her happiness is shattered. She flees, vowing never again to draw the media’s attention. Out of the paparazzi’s reach, Sarah finds peace once again, until an unexpected cowboy shows up, bringing chaos with him.
     When two separate worlds intertwine, unforeseen circumstances thrust them both into the limelight neither wants. Will either of them allow their own insecurities and fears stop them from acquiring what they want the most, or will they give in to their hearts' desires?
Till next time, KEEP READING!!!
Rebecca Joyce

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